injecting pain from BA or BB?


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I made a batch of Tren A for a buddy.

30ml @ 200mg

2% BA
20% BB

He injected 1/2 cc ( 100mg ) in his quad and he is now limping.

what causes the pain?
Is it the BA or BB?
I thought a formula of 2/20 should be painless.
Is it the high concentration that causes the pain?

I plan on making a 30ml @ 150mg batch for myself.
I don't plan on limping all the time :)

help please
I think that the higher the concentration of a short ester the more pain, I mix tren at 100mg per ml and 5% BA 15%BB with little or no pain.
I think you are right hammer21.

There is probably a good reason it usually comes in 75mg per ml size :)

I am going to have my buddy add a 1/2cc of oil to help cut the tren
if that doesn't work I will make him a new batch at 75mg per ml. for free.

What nice guy I am!!!
Its probably the hormone. Seeing that i have injected straight sterile ba and bb just to gauge pain and there was virtually no pain from either.
Amateur said:
anyone tried tren @ 200mg/ml with EO to see if that reduces pain? does reduce discomfort quite a bit and at a higher concentration.