Insulin - Is this a stupid Idea?


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I'm wondering if Insulin use one day a week would be stupid - IE using it only on Arm day to try to bring up lagging bodyparts?
Dunno if it would work, but it seems like a good idea. Im lookin fowards to seeing what the vets and mods think as well.
I don't see why it wouldn't - but then again I don't know shit about Insulin so who knows...
Its not really a "stupid" idea but keep in mind that arms aren't the only bodyparts that will grow on the day you train arms.
Yes, I see but Arms come first in the week after a day lay off, shoulders and calves are 2 days before and I wouldn't mind growth on either.
Hmm...interesting question. I dont see why it wouldnt work, considering insulin doesnt need to "kick in" like regular will help with the nutrient uptake during that specific who knows?

jelus ?
I'm thinking I may try this in the near future...

If I go hypo and die I'll leave you my gear in my will Almighty, contingent on a clause that you maintain a quota of at least 3 NYC boy jokes a day.
dont expect much in local growth. it isnt going to make enough of a difference i think. insulin dosnt jsut store glycogen and amino's in the muscles worked, it stores them through out your entire body.
But muscles worked would be in greater need of glycogen and Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) than a muscle that has the benefit would go primarily to the muscle that has just been worked out, no?
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i see where your coming from but i still dont think it will make a noticable difference when you come off the slin. remember also its not jsut post workout that the muscle grows, its for the entire recovery process after. so one shot of slin isnt going to do a whole hell of a lot.