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IP gear. is it international pharmacy or pharmacuticals?
which one is fake which on is real?
ive never had an abcess. or any pain.

and all i was asking is which company is it? pharmacy or pharmacuticals?

i have already taken it and next time i am not using IP. maybe QV or mexipharm.
The original International Pharmaceuticals is a real underground company that produces good gear even though they got a bad rap from the World Anabolic Review....
ip = bathtub made benzyl alcohol saturated brew.....plus he don't put what's supposed to be in there as lab tests proved from time to time....selling DHT as Masteron..selling Sustanon (sust) as a two ester test....deca contains prop..etc etc...what happens if a female tries deca or masteron....she's in for a world of trouble...
I would NEVER use his injectables........too many risks.

But I am currently using the 50mg Winstrol (winny) tabs. After a week of use, they are definitely legit. The only problem I have heard of in the past is that they can be underdosed. But you know what, even if that is the case, I got them so cheap that it isn't gonna bother me much.

Would I go with them again, probably not, there definitely are better choices out there. But if thats all that is available, its not a bad decision.

I'm not even sure what IP products you were referring to, but like I said, the Winstrol (winny) is ok, the injectables.........take at your own risk.
i know nothing abot IP., so there tabs are ok to use?..

and this guy runs his stuff out of china??
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well the gear i have had the label International Pharmacy.
Sustanon at 300mg/ml 10ml vial batchD430X2 exp02/04

i think i got bunk shit. but the hologram has multiple colors, but the labels look as to be copied and one is kind of blurry.

i dont understand then. maybe the deca was legit, and the Sustanon (sust) wasnt but i get an awesome pump, and i have gained 20 lbs.
i have never heard or Sustanon (sust) at 300 mg also. hmm going to their website as of right now.
Rhino58 said:
IP is trash, it is bathtub brew. Terrible shit.

IP contracts out to outside labs... very legit labs... then bottles in house. When people piss and moan about his "quality" they are really just parroting what they have read on other boards without having a clue about his manufacturing process.

He doesn't manufacture in house. He has used multiple contract labs. Which of the last 5 labs is "bath tub brew?"

He is now using a new lab... lowering the BA content... and working hard to improve the consistancy of his product.

I can't say YES or NO to IP products, but to dismiss them blanket whole is just ignorant. He contracts out just like any other salesman. If he switches labs... does he still have an inconsistant product just because he once got a bad batch from an old lab?

I find it hillarious that IP's customer service has gotten VERY friendly of late... chatty... helpful... friendly... informative. If I were to read the handwriting on the wall I'd say the Chinaman has sold his business.. and somebody else is running it. That would explain the "improvements" of late.
I am glad I read this. I have been looking at some IP products. The people calling it trash; is this from experience? Not flaming, just want to know.
Its a war of attrition.......If he is contracting labs then he is balancing between quality and price......I have used the Arimidex and even Winstrol (winny) and Anavar because they are expensive otherwise......I say use it if no other option or funds but for God sakes be careful you only have one body..............................Big decision from where i sit.....
It is hit and miss with his products.

I used his prop/suspension and got great results from it..........but then I used his anadrol and got absolutely zero results from it.

And independant lab assays showed his products to be very inconsistently dosed. Some over dosed.......some under dosed......some containing a completely different compound then what it is supposed to be.

I guess if i got them at a really good price, I would use them again.......but I always advise to run it through a syringe filter into a new sterile vial to be safe.
brooklynheight said:
damn..how does this guy stay in biz??????

2-3 years ago he was if not the only one of only UGs. People can generally find the guy easy.

I think on the net any lab is nothing but its reputation. If for every 10 people that they serve they have 5 people bitchin about pain or whatever they get a bad rep. If the people are treated like shit they get a bad reputation. I used IP oral Winstrol (winny) 3 years ago cause he was cheap and most people (as they do now) say that his Winstrol (winny) is good but other products are questionable.

I am sure his biz has gone down much in the last 1 1/2 since all the new UGs that have come to play. As for his inj, a close friend of mine used his EQ and his ass still hurts.