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i have no idea, but im sure they arent natural, i would think it would be damn near impossible to be as cut and still maintain all that muscle mass naturally
Dude, alot of natural bodybuilders cheat, this is not at all to say that Skip does, frankly I'd like to believe that he is an honest guy. I mentioned a guy I know who competes at around 220 naturally and nobody believed that either, he is 260 something last I heard at 5'11".

Not many will want to believe, probably due to thier own lack of progress, therefore "he must be cheating", I think that is natural to expect of people in all sports that make a claim, those underneath them will say yeah right you fucker.

But, like I said its well known that alot of natural bodybuilders CHEAT, they are on the message boards as well and you will see them ask about detection times ALL THE TIME. People like that, and people who never believe, basically make natural bodybuilding as a whole a JOKE and its pretty much a lost movement.
Maybe their term of natural refers that they are not on constant cycles or they have not been on 1 for over 6 months. I find it hard to believe that any of the larger BB are natural.

Just a theory...I'm not speculating whether they're natural or not (but I agree they're at least in some "grey area"), but I think they're all a bit short in stature (5'5"), so maybe it's easier for shorter guys to get in that kind of shape?

Just a theory.

I haven't seen Jeff Willett lately, but I know Skip is pretty jacked, and Stan McQuay is just shredded...pretty close to perfect.
I find it hard to believe he's natural.

EDIT: I just checked out Willett's picture on AST's website...that man is a freak!!! I guess he's natural if you on't count diuretics, too!
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Here's some news on some Natural BB by SE.

>> "Natural Muscle" model caught with steroids

A model was arrested on drug charges last week after he
allegedly received a package in the mail that contained
anabolic steroids.

Authorities served a search warrant last Thursday at the
Monterey home of Anthony Chobanian, 28, who won the
"Natural Muscle" model search for Natural Model magazine
in 2000.

The search allegedly turned up more than 4,000 pills of
suspected steroids.

Now there's a suprise, the guy won a natural bodybuilding
title and is on steroids.
there is no way you can compete at that level without help. i dont give a fuck what they claim
Silverback316 said:
Allright what do you guys think about these guys who say they are natural bodybuilders? Over on Elite it appears that everyone thinks that the majority of natural guys use growth, slin, and suspension in order to look the way they do. I personally think Jeff Willet may actually be natural, but I am still unsure. Guys like Lacour and Stan Mcquay look like they may be using something as they have a little different look than Willet in my opinion. So lets hear what you guys think on this.

If you guys go to, Skip supposedly posts over there. He also has an article over there about contest prep. Here is the article.

Contest Prep

A Few Notes:
The diary had to be in text format due to me bouncing it between home and work computers. It wouldn't save in different formats and the two computers weren't compatible for some reason. Either that, or I am just a dumbass that couldn't figure it out. Either way, it is text format.

My notes are edited so that it is a little more organized and a little easier to read or reference.
It was quite confusing before so if it seems confusing now, you could only imagine how bad it was before so quit your whining you bitch and just read it.

The first few months aren't very detailed simply because there wasn't much going on. By this I mean that I am lucky in that when I need to drop bodyfat, it comes off quite easily as I make subtle
changes by simply dropping my carbs. I rarely plateau until I get deeper into precontest as you will see.

The notes get more detailed the time draws nearer to the show.

Preparation for the Northern Colorado (April 6th 2002)
18 weeks of contest prep
Starting weight: 241
Approximate contest weight: 195

Starting gear use:
Sustanon @ 250mg./week
Anavar @ 30mg. ED

Gear use is low for this first month as the bulk of my precontest will start the first week of January. This is sort of a ‘bridge’ as far as the gear goes. This month is only to get a jump on getting my metabolism set and my system geared down for burning bodyfat efficiently. Need to be 220 by end of the month. I anticipate dropping a lot of water the first week as I always do.

Training schedule for December:
Sunday and Monday - rest days
Tuesday - Chest, tris and soleus
Wednesday - Back, bi, traps
Thursday - rest day
Friday - Abs, Calves, Quads
Saturday - Delts, hamstrings

No cardio. Will try to not use any cardio as usual and control dropping bodyfat only with diet.

Diet will be as follows:
Protein 430 grams of protein (this will not change throughout the entire precontest phase)
Carbs to start at 300 grams
Fat to start at approximately 60 grams

Protein is tuna, chicken breast, lean beef and other fish (salmon, halibut, shrimp, etc).
Carbs are only to come from oatmeal with the exception of post workout when I will use applesauce with the oatmeal in a protein drink.
Fat to come from natural peanut butter (no sugar added).
Protein drink will continue to be Max Muscle’s Max Pro (protein only) @ 75 grams per drink for 3 drinks a day.

Meal 1 - 8am protein drink with oameal - blended with natural peanut butter.
Train at 10am
Meal 2 (post workout) at 12:30pm - chicken breast, oatmeal, a fruit
Meal 3 - 3pm - protein drink with oatmeal blended with natural peanut butter
Meal 4 - 5:30pm - chicken breast, oatmeal
Meal 5 - 8pm - chicken breast, oatmeal
Meal 6 - 10:30pm - protein drink with small amount of oatmeal, peanut butter

Damn near overdosed on superclen.
The IP superclen was marked as Anavar. I was planning to take the anavar and after 2 tabs in 5 hours, noticed very obviously that it was instead superclen.
Resting heartrate was 12-145 BPM for almost 6 hours. VERY sleepy - fell asleep in chair at work. Went home early.

Misread syringe for insulin and was taking 40IU instead of 4IU. Sweat profusely and was difficult to stay awake. Stupid mistake big time. Could have cost me dearly.

No more insulin this month.

Progress for this month:
Week 1 - dropped from 241 - 232 (mostly water in the first couple of days)
Cramping badly - calves cramping when benching.
Took a couple days to go adjust and go away.
Already feel better as system is running cleaner.

Week 2 - dropped to 229
Kept calories the same and continue to drop.

Week 3 - dropped to 225
Still no change in diet. Not changing anything until I start to plateau.

Week 4 - dropped to 221
Added 50 grams of carbs (total = 275 grams per day) per day later in the week so that the weight wouldn’t continue to drop so quickly. Worked prefectly.
Stabilized at 221.

Changes for January:
Test stays the same - not going to run any more test than 250mg./week
Tren @ 75mg/ 3 times a week (M, W, F)
Superclen @ quarter tab per day to start and move up to 1 tab
Insulin @ 10 IU post workout (humulog R)

No changes to diet yet due to body continuing to respond to current caloric intake.
Have increased poundages slightly and feel very full and tight.

Not getting irritable at all compared to last year on the tren. Of course, am not taking all that much YET either. See what happens later.
No changes to training this month.
Volume relatively the same and schedule staying the same.
Poundages holding constant in the gym.

Looking to drop to 210 by end of the month.

Week 5 - dropped to 219
Week 6 - dropped to 218
Dropped carbs by 50 grams per day (total = 225grams of carbs per day) due to bodyweight drops slowing down.
Week 7 - dropped to 214 - added insulin back in for this month at 8IU post workout carbs are @ 80 grams post workout and no other carbs for the rest of the day. Also, on my off training days, I don’t take in any carbs at all other than what is in the lettuce that I have with my chicken breast in the form of a salad.
Bumped the carbs up by 25 grams due to dropping too quickly
Week 8 - dropped to 212

2 pounds off my goal at 212.
Need to pick it up the next few weeks.

Feeling flat and pretty low on energy.
Took a cheat day and ate my ass off - you name it, I ate it - pizza, ice cream, Krispy Kremes, cereal bars, etc..

Put on 6 pounds.
Week 9 - 218 to start. After only 4 days was back to 212 and by end of the week was actually down to 209. Apparently, the increased caloric intake caused a big spike in my metabolism and made it easy to drop weight after dropping calories back to normal.

February changes:
Added in Winstrol (winny) tabs (IP) at 50mg per day.
Superclen is now at 1 full tab after building up to this slowly last month.
I notice no serious trembling or tired feeling anymore either. I do notice increased heartrate for about 4 hours after taking it though. Seems to be helping keep water off also.

Need to be 200 by end of the month.

Had to switch up training schedule as I just don’t have as much energy anymore.
Tuesday - chest and soleus
Wednesday - back and traps
Thursday - tris, bis
Friday - abs, calves and quads
Saturday - delts, hams

Week 10 - dropped carbs back 50 again (to 175g) and dropped to 208.
Looking noticably better from the Winstrol (winny). Seem more vascular after only a week on Winstrol (winny). I already like this shit. Seem to be holding less water too. ??

Week 11 (8 weeks out) - no insulin this month. 75 grams of carbs post workout in a protein shake and another 50 split up for the next 2 meals.
weight is the same at 208. Need drop carbs again by 50 grams (75 grams post workout and that is it).
Week 12 (7 weeks out ) - dropped to 205.
Week 13 - (6 weeks out) dropped the protein shake for meal 1 and replaced it with 2 cans of tuna. Want to see if I notice a difference or not. feeling flat and miserable. Starting to feel weak for the first time.
Decided to give the ‘shitload’ a trial run.
Shitloaded on Friday after training from about 1pm until about 10pm.
Ate everything in sight and was miserable. Basically, just ate as often as I could squeeze more food into my gut. Looked unbelievable. Looked even better the next morning as the distention from the gut was gone but the affect was still with me. Started to smooth out by about 3pm the next day.

Did not limit water or use insulin so I can imagine that the affect would be even more intense with the insulin, diuretics and limiting the water.

204 at end of the month. 4 pounds off original goal but looking damn good.

Changes for March:
Added arimidex @ .25mg ED (I know the test is low but it is a long acting ester and I react poorly to long esters by holding water. My legs for some reason seem to be behind everything else and this has NEVER been the case. I am assuming that it is water retention as my ankles are indented when I take off my footies at night (socks). Also, my calves are even smoother than my quads so it seems to make sense. Hopefully, the arimidex will make the difference.
Changed the Winstrol (winny) to 100mg ED
Changed the tren to 150mg./ 3 times per week (doubled it)
Changed test from Sustanon (sust) to ICN Galenikas (enanthate)
These phukers are overfilled! I drew a ml and it went 3 hash marks past the 1ml mark!! Yee Haa!!

Put on 8 pounds from the shitload.
Week 14 (5 weeks out) - dropped to 203 by the end of the week. This shitload thing has caused MASSIVE cravings for carbs this week. I am wondering if I shouldn’t even have phuked with it. Of course, I needed to see how it would work so I guess it was a necessity. Looking very tight and dry and vascular.

Finally added in cardio. I am worried about my legs as they are always the first to come in - not the last. Hopefully, the cardio will help to harden them up.
I don’t count cardio by ‘time’, I count it by how many calories I burn per session. I am going for 300 calories per session after the weights in the morning about 5 days a week to see what happens.

Look very good at this point. Am wondering if I might not be able to get down to 195 and have it be a good weight for me. ??
Legs are much dryer and harder and more separation. Possibly the arimidex or the increase in Winstrol (winny) or tren. I don’t notice much difference from the bumping of the tren with either condition or attitude. ??

Craving carbs so bad that I didn’t give a shit and ate my ass off again the next weekend for about 6 hours. Ate everything in sight with 20 IU of insulin. Was sweating while eating the food. ?? Is my metabolism surpressed?? Possibly.

Put on 7 pounds.
Started with insulin again @ 5 IU post workout. Slin is giving me that tight, full feeling that I miss when I don’t use it. I can not only feel a difference when I am using it but I think I can see a difference also.
Week 15 (4 weeks out) - only taking in 50 grams of carbs post workout and no other carbs the rest of the day. by the end of the week I was down again and below my previous weeks weight of 203 to 200 and looking unbelievable again. Is this shitload thing actually helping me??
Switched up training schedule again due to energy levels being low.
Monday - abs, calves, quads
Tuesday - chest, soleus
Wednesday - back, traps
Thursday - tris, bis, hams
Friday - delts, calves, serratus tie-ins
Volume is very high right now - examples - back 22 sets, chest 16 sets, quads 15 sets, etc..

Week 16 (3 weeks out) - still only taking in 50 grams of carbs post workout with a protein shake. Fat is about 30 grams. Thank god for that peanut butter in my last meal (protein shake). Only carbs other than post workout are from lettuce.
Well, the shitload worked last week right?? You guessed it. I did it again.
Anything and everything in sight and 20 IU of insulin for about 10 hours.
Put on 8 pounds and looked unbelievable again. Same thing happened as usual - dropped 3 more pounds below previous weight and looked even better than before at 197. This is too easy. I can’t believe how well this is working. All those phukers eating dry oatmeal and I am eating a dozen Krispy Kremes among other things. LOL

Week 17 (2 weeks out)
Yup, did it again (shitloaded). Same results almost exactly. Dropped 2 more pounds to 195. This is kinda easy.
Could go on stage looking just like this. Can’t imagine being in any better shape or any dryer or harder. Still only 50 grams of carbs post workout with a protein shake. Haven’t dumped the protein shake yet as my condition is so good that I don’t see a reason to drop it yet. Will drop it for the last week for sure.

That is a shitload at 5 weeks out, 4 weeks, 3 weeks, and 2 weeks out.
This doesn’t seem that smart on the surface but I am glad that I experimented with it as it worked very, very well. It also made the precontest dieting quite tolerable. I really don’t know why I didn’t store anything as fat (or very little). It was probably the clen and the kick on my metabolism and that would explain the sweating when I ate and my heartrate would be like I was doing cardio. You would think that the insulin would store the fat that I took in as bodyfat but I didn’t do anything but get sharper and dryer. Of course, I would smooth over for about 2 days but it would be gone as fast as it came after those 2 days.

Changing my last meal from protein shake with peanut butter to 10oz. Chicken breast. Need to eliminate the protein shakes. Will cut the post workout protein shake at 1 week out. No insulin the last week until shitload on Friday night and Saturday of the show.

One week out.
Note: Don't attempt to use dream tan with any other color trunks than a dark color - preferably black. That shit gets everywhere. Just an FYI.

Friday - shitloaded again. Figured it worked for the past 4 weeks, it will work again and might help even more due to the increase in sodium for a 'sodium loading' phase. Only put on 4 pounds - very watery on Sunday and it was gone by Monday night. Hit legs on Saturday for the last time before the show and hit them with very high volume and low intensity. Went with kind of a slow motion rep scheme to start my depletion phase. Only 25 grams of carbs (oatmeal) on the days of depletion training and NO carbs on the rest of the days until the shitload on Friday night before the show.
Depleted again on Monday. This sucks - weak and lethargic but looking sharp. Focussed primarily on Back, chest, a little side delt work and a little arm work. I figure the high volume of back and chest work will already help to deplete arms and delts anyway. NO abs or oblique work this week to let the size of the midsection shrink down even more. NO cardio of course either.
supplements are the same. Still using the superclen and will use it through the show. Winstrol (winny) and test and tren all staying the same through the show. Arimidex will stay at .5 mg ED through the show also. If I didn't already note it, I increased the arimidex at approximately 9 days out. Yes, it is a low level of test but insurance is insurance.

Depleted on Wednesday. This one didn't seem so bad for some reason. Maybe cuz it is getting closer to the end of all this. Very flat but looking sharper by the day.
Did almost the exact same workout as monday. Just looking to deplete and not get sore or train too hard. More of a 'stretch and squeeze' day with the weights - just to get a good pump.

Started aldactone at 50mg./ 2 times a day and am taking in 3 gallons of water today. Took in 2+ for the past 3 days also. Pissing like crazy.
Switched from chicken breast to turkey breast and started with distilled water just as a precaution.

By bedtime, my legs were vastly improved and separating quite well.
Put a coat of pro tan on before bedtime.

Planned to drop water to 1 gallon of distilled water today but instead kept it at 1.75 gallons. Why??
I don't really know other than to say that it just didn't feel right. I was very pasty mouthed after only a couple of
hours into the day on Thursday and not pissing at all. My gut told me that the drop was too dramatic and
I felt that I might be cutting the water too early, running the risk of a possible kick back. This
will end up being a great idea in about a day so hang in there.
50mg. aldactone/2 times today. Drying out nicely. Looking better by the hour.
Hamstrings are cramping a little while posing but after stretching, were fine.
2 more coats of pro tan - one in am and one in pm at bedtime.
Added some no salt, natural peanut butter to each meal as I feel too flat and lethargic. Felt much better after only 2 meals of this. Shouldn't cut fat so low anyway.

Cut water at 4pm. Only planned to have about 1 litre until then but changed that also to about 2/3 gallon.
Aldactone at 50mg./2 times today (9am and about 5pm)
Started shitload at 7pm after monitoring my condition almost hourly all day long. Seem very flat and
depleted. Weighed 189 in a.m.. This is a bit low but I needed to be about 9-10 pounds under so that
the shitload wouldn't take me over the cut off weight.
Had not weighed myself all week. Didn't want to get caught up in the number game at all this week. Weighed myself this morning only to see how much room I have to shitload without going over the cut off for the light-heavy. Don't want to shitload myself into the heavy-weights.
Shitloaded with caramel brownies, cheesecake, went to Woody's Pizza and threw down the pizza buffet, Mrs, Field's cookies and oreo cookies, and of course..... Krispy Kremes (they ARE my staple shitload food).
See what happens in the morning. I find it VERY difficult to not drink water while shitloading. It is
torture. These shitload foods are high in sodium which, is great for affect, but makes you thirsty as a
mother phuker. It was terrible.
Should look phuking unbelievable.
The only thing that can go wrong at this point is that I cut my water too early and I don't have any indication at this point that that is what will happen.

Saturday morning.
NO wake up call and the back up alarm had lost power.
Luckily, I happened - somehow to wake up only 15 minutes late and we got around quickly, still making
it to the check in early.
Weighed in at 192 - a little low but haven't eaten but 4 krispy kremes on the way to check in.
Look very dry and hard but a little bit flat.
Breakfast should take care of this.
weigh in was 8am and I was eating breakfast about 9am - thick french toast with real maple syrup and a
load of butter, omelette with ham and green peppers and mushrooms and about 8 ounces of ice cold water.
Felt I could use the water as I would be upping my aldactone to 75mg. this morning anyway. I took the aldactone
with breakfast.
Was a little distended for about 2 hours. It subsided about 30 minutes before stage time.
Only had a few bites of some cookies to keep some carbs in me sucking up as much sub Q water as possible
and filling me out a bit.
Hit my dream tan and was ready to go at about 11am.
Laid down on a towel with my feet up and napped until being called to the pump room around 1pm.
Touched up my dream tan, did a couple light sets of laterals and push ups to get the veins going - and
they were phuking GOING. Almost all of my competitors were commenting on, and asking me how I get so vascular.
Hit some salt and grape juice before stage time but it didn't hit in time to help me on stage.
Some mild hamstring cramping near the end of prejudging.
Also, cramping a bit in my stomach - not abs but in my guts. I felt very bad for about an hour after the posing.
Drank about 2/3 of a litre of water (slowly) and felt much better in about an hour. The feeling was weird -
almost as if I needed to throw up. In hindsite, I think it was the salt and fruit juice that upset my stomach but I
can't be sure.

Ate nothing all afternoon. Drank about another 1/2 litre of water until about 5pm.
Seem to be getting harder (too little water?????).
Checked back into the show at 5pm and walked up the mall and had a gourmet burger with cheese and
mushrooms and sauted onions and blue cheese dressing, fries and about a quarter glass of water.
Took my 75mg of aldactone and figure that if I took in a little more water than I should have, it would come
off in the next 3 hours anyway.
I was right.
No water at all until about 5 minutes before the stage when I sipped a few times.
I got harder and harder until I hit the stage at 9:30pm, approximately 6 pounds heavier than at prejudging
and obviously tighter and drier.
No cramping at all at the night show.
I had hit it perfectly and dialed it in right on the mark.
If you aren't sure, check my pics and you can come to your own conclusions.
About 30 minutes later I was on stage (took the salt and fruit juice combo about 20 minutes before hitting the stage and it met with my stomach
just fine and was obviously kicking the vascularity up for me, one last time for the day) kicking everyone's ass and raising the roof when I didn't get the
nod for the overall.

In hindsite, the only thing that really stands out, that I learned, was that FOR ME, dropping the water so
drastically from Wednesday to Thursday is overkill and would have phuked me up if I hadn't had made adjustments.
When I took the water in, I filled out quite a bit while still getting tighter.
Next time, I will go with 3 gallons up and through Thursday, dropping to 1 gallon or 1.5 on Friday and cutting all of
it by 5pm (same time) on Friday. This should work equally as well and I won't have to fight the thirst and risk
going flat.

I hope that this helps to shed some light on the concept of shitloading.
Understand, this was only MY experience with it and you may react totally differently than I do or did.
It is your responsibility that if you are going to use this tool, that you experiment with it sometime BEFORE
the show to see how you respond.
Please don't rely on this info exclusively to get ready for a show.
Sift through it, try what you can, and change things to suit YOUR needs.
I did it this way and found out that some subtle changes worked even better for my situation.
Example: If I had waited until saturday morning to shitload, I would have come in way too flat and
possibly had too much distention in my gut from trying to force down too much food.
On the other hand, SFzilla stated that in HIS experience, he would smooth out when he started on friday night
vs. saturday morning.
Find what works and then use it to kick those same asses that will chastize you for eating like shit while they
hold their baby food jars and 5th place trophies.

Any questions, post em.

Skip's out.
Trenimator76 said:
Just look at Skip's belly button and bald head they scream "juice!" He aint natural.

His brother is balding, 6'5" and about 260-270, doesn't work out.
LongBall said:
Maybe their term of natural refers that they are not on constant cycles or they have not been on 1 for over 6 months. I find it hard to believe that any of the larger BB are natural.

No, the rules in the organization they compete with are very strict and very clear. Prohormones, are banned in every natural organization I know of, as an example.

So, if they say they are natural they are either liars or they are honest, there is no in between crap about short cycles.
The Skip at bolex is not the real Skip, he just uses that name becasue he resembles him. Thought I would clear that up.
He lives in San Francisco last I heard, I seriously doubt he is going to talk openly about gear use.

The Skip at bolex is not the real Skip, he just uses that name becasue he resembles him. Thought I would clear that up.

...and of course the above, he is also at Anabolic Paradise and thats not the real Skip.
Deadlift said:
The Skip at bolex is not the real Skip, he just uses that name becasue he resembles him. Thought I would clear that up.

I wasn't sure whether or not it was him. I think the contest prep article "he" wrote is pretty good anyways.
this issue has been talked alot

maybe they really are natural with outstanding genetics and 100% dedication to nutrition and training