Just Another Test Prop Cycle... :gives:


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Alright without naming sources, my gear is:

100mg/ml Testosterona P/Balkan Pharm (4) 10ml Vials
50mg Tabs Danabol/ Balkan Pharm (30) Tabs
1mg/ml Arimidex (Anastrozole) 60ml bottle
50mg Tabs Clomid/Balkan Pharm (50) Tabs
20mg Tabs Nolvadex (50) Tabs

Alright so Im still a little torn on this one. Havent decidied if Im gonna run the Dbol yet or not if I dont, then disregard the dbol... but for the most part Im running:

Week 1-8: Test Prop 100mg/EOD (400mg/week)
Week 1-4: Danabol 25mg/ED (might be too light..I know...Ill move it up accordingly)
Week 1-8: Arimidex .5mg/EOD

Three days after last pin, begin post cycle therapy (pct):

Day 1:
Clomid 300mg
Nolva: 40mg

Day 2-11:
Clomid 100mg/ED
Nolva 20mg/EOD

Day 12-21:
Clomid 50mg/ED
Nolva: 20mg/EOD

Day 22-28:
Clomid: 25mg/ED
Nolva: 10mg/EOD

So 8 weeks on, then 4 weeks post cycle therapy (pct). Maybe an additional week post cycle therapy (pct) if necessary, I have the leftover clomid/nolva. Ill definitely keep you all posted. And any suggestions on the Dbol are welcomed. Also I have my diet worked out for the most part. And I have my multi-vitamins, Vitamin C, B complex, Fish Oil/omega 3 all ironed out as well.
Oh and BTW stats are:
Age 25
Height 5'11"
Weight 205lbs
BF 18% (Ill be about 13-15% at start of cycle..without fail)

First REAL cycle for me. I've used test cypionate before, young dumb and wreckless. Didnt do much for me because I had no diet or Workout program. Just being a dumb kid. Using my uncles gear because he was A MONSTER. haha. Anyways, Been an athlete all my life. Been lifting weights on and off for about 9 yrs. About 4 years of serious lifting in there. Now I aim more for warrior athlete/functional fitness type stuff. Im an "army guy" if you will. haha. Special Operations...so bodybuilding wont cut it for me. More HIGH Endurance, explosive abilities. So needless to say, Im no stranger to pain, needles, discipline or intense training. SO wish me luck..more to follow.
nice cycle, only thing in my opinion is adex eod , week 1-8

you shouldn't need it until after week 2 or later, plus i like to say with Aromatase inhibitor (AI) you dont need to run them eod or ed , I say prn or as needed if symptoms arise ... thats just me

however i know some bros run them throughout without issues

other wise looks pretty solid to me brother. " to d-bol or not to d-bol that is the question ...
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p.s. some bros might tell you to push this cycle to 10 weeks or more but you decide what's best for you I guess
Its cool to name a source just not there contact info. Some people need to know if there shit is legit
Thanks bud. Appreciate the input, as always. AND YES "to Dbol or not to Dbol" It is definitely the question. Haha. I like it. Well Im thinking I may just save it for the next go around. And lets just see what I can get done with the Test. Stretching my cycle isnt really an option because I have a small window to get this shit out of my system before I get tested. O coouuullddd however cut the bullshit and up my dosage to about 500mg/Week Test P. haha...really see what I can get done!
Its cool to name a source just not there contact info. Some people need to know if there shit is legit

One word, Alin. Thats all Ill say, if you know him...you know him. I will say, however, it is an international source, and Im about tired of this crap. Waiting over a month for my gear to arrive!! I've had it. Gotta go domestic!
i would personally run this cycle for 12 weeks,being i like longer cycle because i always feel like im finally getting the results i want at the end,my cycles normally last 20weeks.
i would personally run this cycle for 12 weeks,being i like longer cycle because i always feel like im finally getting the results i want at the end,my cycles normally last 20weeks.

Cant do it amigo. As much as I would LOVE to...The way I see it is, I have 4-5 months of no AAS testing. Thats 2 months on cycle. 1 Month PCT. And another 1-2 months to get clean for a test. Thats my window. Itll be tight, but do-able. Test p only hangs around for 2-6 weeks. Should be fine. But you're right. It'd be great to go for 10-12wk on....just the nature of the beast I guess.
Recieved delivery of some LONG awaited gear today. OVER a MONTH. Nevertheless, I got it, and...The time is nearing! Excited. One last box to check. working with pinn right now. Blown away so far. Looking forward to recieving the last few items, then We're off and running. More to follow.
Decided to up the Test to 500mg/week, from 400mg. Should yield better gains in short amount time (8weeks). And definitely not running the DBOL. Ill save for another cycle down the road (with different goals). Instead gonna run some Var to help out a little bit with some unwanted BF. I think on top of the intense cardio, and the high levels of daily activity at work, and my CLEAN diet, should be LEAN and MEAN when it's all said and done. What you guys think about Var at the end VS Var at the beginning? Think I could get away with 50mg/ED for 4 weeks? Only having (60) P.L. Anavar 25mg Tabs...
What you guys think about Var at the end VS Var at the beginning? Think I could get away with 50mg/ED for 4 weeks? Only having (60) P.L. Anavar 25mg Tabs...

Nevermind, did my homework, answered my own question. Thanks for all the advice so far though fellas. Ill keep you posted.
Alright...Did first pin today. It was...interesting. haha. Hands were a little shakey trying to aspirate, but got all bubbles, no blood. Did 1.25ml (125mg) Test Prop (Balkan Pharm) in Right Glute. I think half the shakiness was because my back cramped a little staying twisted that far, that long, pussy footin around back there. Used 23g 1 1/2" pin, went all the way in, and backed out 1/16" as a precaution. Next pin will be all business. In and out..well more like in, out(aspirate), in, out. haha. Ran syringe under warm water for a min, and injected pretty slowly. Painless so far, so we'll see what I have for PIP tomorrow.. More to follow...
And since Im starting sooner than expected (Taking advantage of an open door) , this is gonna be a 10-12 wk run. Might as well, I have the gear to do it!
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Okay so lastnight I pinned about 5pm. right before dinner. Woke up this morning about 4am with a little sorness in the glute, but really nothing worse than a kick in the ass. haha. Even now it's just more of an annoyance than anything. and if it gets better as the cycle goes on, pinning EOD will be a non issue. Looking forward to that. That being said, wouldnt want to jump into leg day right now, but would still be able to. In summary, day 2, G2G. Today is body weight exercises. Still have 2 weeks of PT Type workouts/high cardio/calorie deficit training before I switch to my lifting program. More later.
So how common is it, (if at all) for there to be almost no pain at injection Site, but instead, about 6 inches above site, top of glute/lower back? Still on the right side tho. Anyone experience this. Still not serious pain. Just thought it was odd that the injection site was FINE but my lower back, at top of glute is pretty tender...
If you need to stay clean run GH peptides the whole time and keep them going as long as possible. In Canada they're legal, not sure about your location. Based on my reading, you'd like tren. I'm taking TNT 400 (275 mg test en, 125 mg tren en), and stacking it with halotestin (my thread is below yours). Tren is great for strength, hard muscles (although ace would be superior, since it is a short ester--every long ester stays in your system longer after discontinuing it, of course) and endurance.

If you really want something that gets out of your system in like 5 days then go for Turinabol (T-bol, a D-bol derivative with no estrogenic side effects). All you would need is some Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) and clomid. Not sure if they test for that or not, or if they would be able to make a case of anything over finding it in your system in the first place.
Wouldnt mind getting into some GH Peptides, just dont reallt know how to get any. And tren is definitely on the list, just not on this first cycle. Im getting my feet wet with this one, getting through the learning curve and more than anything, seeing what can really be accomplished with a moderate dose of test. T-BOL isnt a bad idea either. I like the suggestions. thanks I appreciate it. A buddy of mine did Pregnyl, Halo, EQ and winstrol. Not sure about how he felt, but he was JACKED after 3 months. UN NATURALLY JACKED. But also an idiot because he pretty much lost it ALL within a matter of months. Thanks for readin tho bud, Ill be following your thread as well.
Did second pin tonight. All good. However lastnight was the PEAK of my tenderness from mondays pin. Woke up a few times in the night...glute was very tender. Just sore, nothing crazy. Finally broke down and tried the Alieve. MONEY. Moving forward. I do have one question. Im finding a bit of oil remaining in the need/syringe after plunger is fully depressed. Of course I want to get it ALL in. How are you guys dealing with that issue? I know if I leave a little air between plunger and oil I can displace the rest out, but then risk shooting that pocket of air into the glute...suggestions? Does it even matter?
Id say 2nd pin had about half the PIP the first one did. And Im up 4 lbs in 4 days. How is this even possible? Must be just water. I upped the lifting for sure. I wasnt lifting as much as I should have before I started, so with the extra exercise, and working out in the sun every day... I've been thirsty as hell, drinking a ton of water. Must be water. I know prop is quick but not that quick. Dont even notice anything in the gym from it. All in time I suppose. Just hope this stuff is G2G. Source is questionable. Reviews say its kind of a crap shoot. Ill just keep rockin it out for a couple weeks and find out.
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