KEEP IT REAL! How much are you GIBRONI'S spending per cycle?


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Well, since I'm one of those idiots who continues to look for EXOTIC/expensive sh*t, I spend wayyyyyyyyyy too much!

For a 10 week cycle including ancillaries, an AVERAGE cycle will run me:
$7-800 (sometimes HIGHER, sometimes a little lower)

I gotta work on this!


Brock Landers

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my last cycle that I prepared to run for 10 weeks cost me around $600. (including needles, ancilliaries). No "exotic shit" shit either, cus this was just a test/deca/dbol cycle!


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10 weeks of 100mg/100mg ed tren/TNE
-2 belts Componet TH(shipping inc.)- $160
-(made my own kit, just order a vial and BA)-$20
-5 carts synovex-$50
-1 conversion kit-$50

Net Gain 15 keepable pounds

Cost of food, supplements-$1k (about $100 a week)


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I spent $275.00 for a 10 week cycle.

1-10 Qv EQ 400mg
1-10 QV Enan 500mg
1-3 QV prop 100mg eod
11-13 QV prop 100mg eod
1.25 femara eod

My next is going to be HGH/ICN/Anavar. Haven't decided if I'm adding some EQ or not. That's to start, I'll be running hgh for 6 months and different Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) at low and moderate through out. So I'm going to say about $3000.00 or more when it's all say and done.


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I get off dirt cheap if I take the drive down south (a few hours from here), but otherwise it will cost me twice as much. A cycle of test/fina would run me no more than $150-175 plus about $150 for all ancillaries (femara, clomid, nolva).


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My first cycle, Test and Fina(homebrew), everything I needed for the cycle. Pins, pellets, kits, omnas, and everything was around $550-650. And I stocked up recently on some Enth and EQ, and have enough of that for about 2 20 weekers, and just the gear was like 800. So, I will buy pins and shit later, cause I can't start till November. I am going to start slin in like Sept.


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gilly6993 said:
My contest prep is costing around $4K


Gilly: what's happening brother.....:D If you don't get an avatar soon, I'm going to force one one ya! ;)

When's the contest date bro?


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StoneColdNTO said:
I swear to God, you just post this to piss me off !! :D :D

I can get a 600iu kit for $900........that's $1.50 and iu........for lower amounts it is 2.15 an iu. That can't be beat.


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DRveejay11 said:

Gilly: what's happening brother.....:D If you don't get an avatar soon, I'm going to force one one ya! ;)

When's the contest date bro?

:D .....I know I've got to get one.....April 12th....NPC Buffalo


Depending on what kind of cycle I'm doing...

Just like JohnnyB...I'll be going on GH so my cycle $$$$ is way up...


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Heyyo said:
So what? I can pick up serono hologram kits for 300-350 when bought in bulk. Beat that! lol

Also, my dad can kick your dad's ass.

And my cycles are very cheap as cheap? I won't tell...

This is from a compounding pharm in China. They have Anavar (var) for $32/g can get prop for 55 cents a gram