kudos to the store


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i know this is not the forum for this but i just wanted to say its been a real pleasure ordering from the now open store.

i ordered saturday. it went very smoothly and it was at my doorstep today. cant complain about that

just want to give BIGGIE and TX there props. nice job guys

Thanks House. Enjoy the Glutamine Peptides.

Smack, your order should be there in about 1-3 days since you are on the far west coast.
you know really what I am about to say has LITTLE to do with the fact that DCN is carrying a product I have

Biggie and Tex, and the Mods

are some of the best guys that I am coming to know

I expect the biggest and best things to come to this board and it members.....for a long time to come

I am very happy here, even if I was just a member

omega, i am giving the glutamine peptides a try bro. you had me convinced after reading your thread.
Hey House Thanks for the go. =)

just remember that the natural flavor of glutamine peptides is earthy
not bad just natural. =)

when you mix it just keep this ratio in mind 1:3

this means if you use 1 scoop of GPLENISH use 3 scoops of a flavored protien powder.

again the earthy flavor is not bad, just natural.

start training hard bro your recovery is about to increase a whole lot

take care