Mike Tyson fight..what a joke!!


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That was fucking terrible... did anyone see the gyno on Etienne?? Holy Christ!!! That guy needed a bra....... the punch that he went down on was a good punch (I don't know how he didn't snap every tendon in his knee when he fell) but I don't think it was enough to really knock him out.. If you notice, as soon as he went down he took out his mouth piece......... wtf?? If you just got your bell rung the last thing your thinking about doing is reaching into your mouth and taking out your mouthpiece. It was a scam.... the guy probably told Tyson that they would go at and as soon as Tyson landed a good shot he would go down for the count.. and then..the interview with Tyson afterwards
.Interviewer.."So Mike.. did you have the flu or a cold this past week"?

Tyson : "I had a broken back"

Interviewer "A broken back?? In your vertabrae"??

Tyson.. "No.. in my spinal column"

Holy Rocket Scientist..........:dumbass:
It don't impress me one bit to see Tyson fighting fighters with no skills and knocking out no namers.

The thing with Mike is you have to wear him out a bit (a few rounds) and his power stamina is no longer there.

I taller fighter with long arms like Lewis would kick his ass again, as Mike can't get in close enough as Lewis is much taller and faster and can't dodge Mike's bullet punches and uppercuts.

After the first few rounds Mike's done! his stamina is shit anymore as he don't train hard as he used to.
"I broke my back. I don't even know how I'm standing. It's a miracle," Tyson said, adding that it was an injury from an old motorcycle accident. "The doctor took me to the pain center and I wasn't supposed to fight, but what am I supposed to do? I'm going to take care of my family."
A doctor later said Tyson's back was a chronic problem, but nothing that would keep him from fighting.
CaptainAwesome said:
this is how tyson has done it his entire career and people seem to be convinced hes a great boxer.

Yup. Yet when you try to point out to people that Tyson never once beat a great boxer in his entire career... they go bananas on you.

Tyson had the good fortune of being a fast hard hitter (for the first two rounds) in an era where there wasn't much competition... and he was successfully able to duck good competition.

Add to that a great public relations/media machine... and you have an untested possibly mediocre fighter turned into a legend.
In his prime he was probably almost imposable to beat but lets face it, thats was 10+yrs ago.
people still argue Tyson is great and the last fight was ranked 3rd but fail to mention he only had 27 fights and fought nobody tough.

Seems the heavyweight division has very few good conditioned contenders now other than fat asses. A record of 27 and 0 is not hard to achieve if you seen some of the boxers (if you can call them that) he had beaten to become 27 and 0 with 17 KO's.
Ol dudes is 'Black Rhino'

Im kind of in the dark about Tyson's, it says 'Daddy's Girl'

I don't like Tyson but kudos for being in shape......Did you see his face when Lennox disposed of him last time.....This fight supposedly qualifies him for another title fight.....I don't know that Lennox will fight him again......I don't think he can go woth Lennox unless Lennox shows up unprepared which he has done bdefore.....Highly unlikely......
It seems like people either think hes the greatest ever, or that hes the biggest pretender in boxing history. I like his throwback style, his whole old school attitude. You have to remember, this guy is five foot ten, banging it out with guys like Lennox Lewis. No, he is not in Ali's league but those who say he has no power or speed in later rounds
forget that he beat Bonecrusher Smith in 12 rounds, TKO'd Tyrell Biggs in the seventh, beat Razor Ruddock twice, once in 7 and the second time in 12. The guy can obviously hang in the later rounds, its not his fault that his opponents can't. As for as his opponents not being quality opponents, I just have to say that if you dont think Trevor Berbick, Bonecrusher Smith, Tony Tucker, Tyrell Biggs, Larry Holmes, Tony Tubbs, Michael Spinks, Frank Bruno, Carl Williams, Razor Ruddock arent quality boxers, then maybe you need to get off your ass and into the ring yourself. The guy is one of the all time greats, for better or for worse.
I never said that Tyson was no fighter.....He is not my favorite....Lennox or RJJ do not get the recognition they deserve either....Look at the Card that Lennox has fought.....A case could be made that he is the greatest of all time but remember Tyson never got by Holyfield???