my 5 week pics....


i posted them on the member pic board...check them out...i also want to know if for my last 5 weeks, i will be better off running my 500mg omna split as 250 twice a week, or both ip 50mg Winstrol (winny) tabs, should i chew 2 a day from here out? or just last 5 weeks will be cut and harden and keeping the test there to keep up the size gains as i harden and cut...

Hey Bro haven't seen the pics yet. Do your shot twice a week. Run your Winstrol (winny) 3 weeks passed your omna and you'll be ready for post cycle therapy.

Do your Sustanon (sust) twice a week, as far as the Winstrol (winny) goes, I'm not familar with the IPs as far as proper dosing goes, so I can't really answer that part.