my sample bench vid


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AngryMuscles said:

since roccordart's pm is full, i'm posting it here. so read along the text info besde the vid.

comments are welcomed
when you arch your back your butt has to stay on the bench . also draw your shoulderblades together almost like someone put their finget back there and your trying to pinch it with your back , now leave it that way even on lockout , this shortens your stroke quite a bit and protects the shoulders from injury imo .


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cosign on wehat dadawg said. TO get a setup like a PL'er take a second to set it up. TRy getting a piece of 3" PVC pipe and put it under you cback and setup to bench. That will let you knwo how you should feel. You can also roll back and forth on it to loosen up you back.

YOu need to post off you head and then pinch you traps and shoulder together and set them down on the bench. Pull you feet back alittle more. Leg drive is by pushing your heels down.

I will video me actually getting on the bench and getting into my setup for you today.


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well, the new gym i'm at is like that. it breaks ever gym etiquette you could list down....especially on the note of crappy music..ah well