New UniVet mexico


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here is some gear i just picked up let me know if you have heard anything about this.
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I just got some...I dont know how good this stuff is...Anyone?...By the way, look on the other side of your Uniprop 100 box.....Does it say Uni Tren 100?


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yeah it does say uni tren on the other side. i dont know how good it is but i have heard good stuff.


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Its good gear- we dropped stallion labs, astrovet and immunolabs for the univet.
my bro is on the tren and prop and making great gains-he says its painless gear also- shoots real smooth


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Currently on week 2 taking the Sustanon (sust) and are happy with it. Also my boy is on the Prop and he said no pain very clean.

The quality looks good so far...


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no1isbigger said:
Anyone try the website on the bottle? I can't get through

It's not working for me either and I've tried different variations of it. Just make sure that when/if it does start working it has no ordering information on it or else the pictures and this thread will have to be removed. Most Mexican companies have web sites with only product descriptions on them so it should be ok however.
I have the Univet Uni Bold 300 I'm thinking of taking, Does anyone know if it's good? And i'm on GenLei Human Growth (rDNA origin) now, Is it a good mix? Hope someone can help me. Thanks
Univet Uni Bold 300

Is it any good? And is it a good mix with Genlei Recombinant Human Growth Hormone (rDNA origin) for Injections? Please help..undefined :spank: