Next Cycle...


New member I've been on Anavar (var) for about 7 weeks now...and it's okay, but I'm not in love. So I am planning my next cycle...I don't think I've asked people to critique it yet on here? This is what I plan to run...

Primo--50mg/week (inj 25 every 3 days)
T3-start at 25mcg and build up to 75 then pyramid down...slowly (increasing by
5mcgs every 2 days)
Clen-20 first day and increase by 20 until I hit 100...2 weeks on, 2
weeks, Hot-rox extreme.

If I don't have any sides...I will increase primo to 75/week. Goal...maintain muscle while I lose a lot of chub (see avatar :goof: ). And keep my strength up as well...Oh, and I've run t3 and Anavar (var) before, but not clen or primo (primo is legit).

If I'm going wrong somewhere, please let me know! :)
why don't you like the Anavar (var) ??

big question here is how is your diet? if Anavar (var) is not working then i would look at your diet first and foremost...

primo can be great for some and misery for others... it depends on your body and unfortunely no one can predict how you will react to it... have you used other Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) besides Anavar (var) ? did you get sides from Anavar (var) ?

Well...I was planning on doing a 12 week cycle...

My diet is very clean. 6 meals every 2-3 hours, 1850 calories-2000, only about 150 g carbs a day, and anywhere from 200-230 g protein a day.

But I havent had any sides at 10mg. I went up to 15 for a week but broke out on my shoulders :noway: and went back down to 10. I guess I was just expecting better gains (strength wise). I feel like I'm popping placebo's every day (they're legit, so that's not the issue) that's why I want to try primo. I was also considering winni (depot)...
I read in Muscul development that you're supposed to take oral Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) on an empty stomach to maximise absorbtion!! I take mine when I wake up before my coffee!
Give it a try!! I'm currently on Anavar (var) and I'M IN LOVE!! It's my first time on AAS. I've been reading and searching and wondering for yeaaaaaaaaaarrrrrs!!
You might find that the T3's don't do much for you at that amount. My wife ramps up slowly to as much as 200mcg but usually has to back off to 150 or 175 as she is to shakey. 25mcg is just enough to shut down your own thyroid and you don't get any where. This has just been her experience. Did a lot of reading and you need to monitor your basil temp, take what you can, and when you feel it, back off 1 or 2 pills.
Thanks! Yeah...Well I'm on T3 now and only taking 25mcg's and don't feel anything...I'll try your advice and see how it works. Thanks!!!
what are you trying to do?? you have me confused...

You don't like Anavar (var) because you said you didn't see much strength or gains.. is that right? because Anavar (var) is not the Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) to use if you want big gains...
Your diet is definitely geared more towards a gainer diet then a fat shredding diet.. so if that is your plan, possibly a stronger Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) will get you your results..

T3 and clen will lose fat, weight and possibly some muscle.. alot of people lose strength on that stack, are you using an Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) with it??

what did you expect to "feel" from T3?? you shouldn't really feel anything like in an amped up way.. are you referring to your clen that you're not feeling anything to??

have you used and cycled before?
Kev said:
25mcg is just enough to shut down your own thyroid and you don't get any where. This has just been her experience. Did a lot of reading and you need to monitor your basil temp, take what you can, and when you feel it, back off 1 or 2 pills.
you have that research available cause i'd like to see it.. thanks! Everything recent i have read about endogenous vs exogenous, 25mcg does not shut down your thyroid... not a healthy thyroid.
I may be misinterpreting what you both are saying in "feeling" it, but are you referring to an amped up feeling or strictly do you mean body temp? cause that i can agree with in that an increase in thyroid will cause an increase in body temp.. along with hot and cold sweats, jitters, headaches etc.. but not an "amped" "i want to hit the gym and wreck havoc" feeling lol.. ya know what i mean? :) Clen on the other hand you "feel" a lot more in the "i really feel it way" lol.. does that make sense?? :)
Ohhh I know, I was confused as to what I wanted to do through this entire cycle (not a good idea, i know)...I started off wanting to lose body fat but keep my muscle, then I wasn't losing body fat but ended up gaining lean mass (which I'm not complaining about)...but I only have 2 more weeks left on this. I guess i'm not really sure what I expected from Anavar (var) I can't really say that I'm disappointed...I would say my feelings towards Anavar (var) are indifferent.

And as far as T3 goes...I'd like to read more about 25mcg's shutting down the thyroid as well...because I hadn't heard of that...

I haven't started using clen/t3/primo yet...that is what I wanted to do for my next round...I decided to do a show in late dieting starts Dec 1st...and I want to hang on to what I've got (minus the chub of course)...and that is what my initial post was about...

Sorry...I"m a confusing mess...!