old school tbar rows


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i tried old schooll style tbar rows today, with a bar and a handle in the corner instead of using the crappy hamerstrength style one. I was curious where exactly my hands should be placed? also where should the plates hit, my chest or close to my kneck? how far foward should i be leaning. it seems as though theires not that large a range of motion.

what do u guys think about these over bent over rows, i dont like bent over rows. I love cable rows but the gym by my house has a shitty one and the other gym is hard to park at. thanks
Wrap the vbar handle around the end of the inner part of the bar and pull to your chest. I love tbar rows for thickness, slap 6 plates on and go to town!
AngryMuscles said:
definitely use a vbar or it won't be the same
i like to switch it up and use hand over hand too..hits a lil differnt, but not much, just be sure to switch grip from set to set.
I love these. I prefer the corner rows over the machine. I also only use a hand over hand grip on the bar. I bend over enough so that it hits my back nicely but up enough to take the strain off my lower back. The plates usualy touch my chest.
yeah i used a v bar. so if the plates hit my chest how far should the v bar be away from the the knob thing that holds the first plate.

i noticed theires not much range of motion but they feel alot better than bent over rows. My traps and upper back are very soar. I used three plates to start with.
not every exercise will work for poeple, but get a feel for the exercise.

Today i did em for the first time and got 4 plates for 1x15 .