ow does it feel when the test kicks in


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how does it feel when the test kicks in

Im on 25mg dbol a day
350mg sustanon/test cypionate mix a week
200mg EQ a week

I can feel the dbol, workouts are great, weight is up.

I hear people say takes 3 to 4 weeks for the test cypionate and correct me if im wrong but the long esters in sustanon as well to kick in.

Question is, how does it feel once its kicked in.

Im on 2 weeks 2 days so far.
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I don't feel any different on cycle. I've used just about everything and never notice a change in mood....just a strength increase after 4 weeks.


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One of the first things you will feel when your test kicks in is a big increase in sex drive, followed by strength and weight gain.


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Truth is every one is different, but the one you should feel for sure is horny as hell, I kill it like a pornstar but other than that I don't feel much different


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About 4 wks in, I feel fuller and have an overwhelming alpha male complex. Not angry or anything, just kinda like I'm the man feeling. Not too mention weight and strength goes up.


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i am 2 weeks in and my libido is through the roof...i can feel strength also going up slightly..muscle pump while working out has improved. nothing major yet though...i've just turned into a real horn-dog :bj:

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feels kinda weird when you fuck your wife while she is sleeping... then realize your not married and thats not your house... exit open window.


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It feels like you can run thru a brick wall, jerk off three times and bang your ole lady for an hr. then head to the gym for a primo workout! love that shit

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Well I notice my smell change lol. But for real I notice I am more stinky then like 3-4 days later I just start feeling bullet proof. Not really a change in mood Just a since of well being.


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I'm on week 5 of my first cycle, 600mg of test cyp per week...no difference yet except singer acne and an incredible appetite thats almost uncontrollable especially after a hyoooge leg day... I'm really hoping week 6 will be my week when I start feeling like "the man" and fucking on everything that moves. Lol