pre work out stimulant.

I loved my ripped fuel and speed stacks great stuff! Anyways looked forward to chugging one of those before workout.

So back to the question. I like the Lipo 6 pretty good stuff gets your engine going and keeps it going through workout and its not a sketchy buzz either. Great for concentration and breaking through a plateau.
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i like excedrine. 65mg of caffine, 250mg asprin, effidrine. cheap, and just enough caffine to get you going. take the minor aches and pains for the day before away. good luck
True sol!
If you consider any vitaminblend, try animal pak! If has all the bcaas, vit. and minerals you need to wake upp and see the day!
If ephedra products are needed, try a bland of caffine instead. You will experience greater results when you train and get less fatigued in you cut down on the ephedra..

Good luck..