primo doses????????????????????


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My dad wants to try primo and run it with gh and thats it for a long period of time,how long is it ok to run the primo and what doses for the primo?Thanks alot,I also might give it a try later.
I have used it for 14 weeks at 300mg a week...I had blood work done before and after and values were ok! How old is your father ?? any experience with AAS....Give more details!
he is 54,been lifting for 20 years ,done about 5 solid cycles,mostly test and deca,his stats r 54,6'1,238,11%bf.He is thinking about doing a local show,diet and rest r on point.
Bro. to be honest with you, I would rec. a solid Test cycle with the HGH. This combination will do wonders to him at his age....leave the Primo alone...Too expensive to deal with, I would do Test Prop with the GH...He will Love the feeling of these!!!! Later bro!
For a long period and at a dosage of 200-300mg, there's some benefit with Primo: low impact on the HPTA, no nasty sides... Problem is, primo is way too expensive now. The real Scherring is pretty hard to find and too many fakes, while the TToKKyo stuff is overpriced.

Anavar and test might be a better option for your dad.
I don't think it's worth the $ either. Why does he want to avoid test? If he wants to bulk on the GH, he should add some test and slin. If he wants to compete, add some tren, Winstrol (winny), Anavar (var) (sounds like he has plenty of money).

Maybe if you told us more about what he was willing to take and what he wanted to avoid we could help you more.
If he's dead set on just taking primo though, tell him to take a gram a week. A few guys who've tried that over on t-mag said it was comperable to 500-600mg test without the sides.

Or a high dose of EQ, pretty mild like primo but much cheaper.
JohnnyB said:
What if he ran test and primo?


Would make sense, test would give some "androgenic" push to Primo. Many dont get result from Primo alone unless they toss some dbols or test.
He has ran test many times,with deca,and tried winny,he just wants to add good quality muscle,he will more than likely run test primo and continue gh,the primo is bdl,test is qv,and gh is humatrope.