Quad/Ham split?


Banned, had no choice
just wondering, i saw this on another board, ive been trying it out for two weeks

Day 1 Back
Day 3 Chest
Day 4 Hams/Bis
Day 5 Delts/Traps
Day 7 Quads/Tris
I sometimes split my quads and hams up with other bodyparts. It's good for a little variety. Can't say I've done that with Bi's and Tri's though. I have done Chest/Quads and Back/Hams before.
I throw it in once in a while for a change.
I think I am going to switch to something similar.
I love Squats for quads and SLDL for Hams. I don't want to do both of these on the same day because I fear for my back.

I think I will throw in Hams with my shoulder workout and see how that goes.

How are you liking your new program iced?
I have split my quads and hams for a while now. I do Hams with back and quads on their own. My hams get hit pretty hard on quad day with squats so I so stiff leg deads with back.