Quest Pharmaceuticals Question...


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hey bro's,
i have been running LFC gear for my last 2 cycles.....
i have raved in previous threads about my results from LFC.

i recently recieved Quest Pharmaceuticals gear from my source....
if any of you guys have used this gear.....please share your results and opinions with me. thanx in advance.
god bless
I haven't used it but did read a thread the other day that it's being faked so be careful Bro

JohnnyB said:
I haven't used it but did read a thread the other day that it's being faked so be careful Bro


oh shit! thanx for the info JB...
other opinions...or direct expeirence would be appreciated.
god bless
I only first heard of them last week or the week before, then seen the thread about there being some fakes. That's all I know Bro sorry.

Heyyo said:
The Fakes situation is simple, a local guy (his name is Steve) got a hold of a bunch of Quest Labels. That piece of shit was going around asking for empty bottles...

Anyway, this only effects the Local Ontario Scene

It doens't effect the Internet scene... brother from another mother!
thank you for clearing the air on this rumor!
hope all is well....
god bless:D :D :D
I have some Quest suspension and two of my bros have the eq, one has started his I will know soon enough if it compared to the old bottle of spectro he used to start the cycle. I will be using my suspension.

Its my buddies first cycle and he is running 400mg of eq alone and 4-5 wks in his gains are so good i am not going to say cause most of you will call bs.
thanx for your input!
i was beginning to think i was the only one on earth with this product!

god bless:D
i too ordered LFC and got QUEST.... heard nothing but good things about this stuff.
drop by some opinions there as it is a cndn site
BiggieSwolls said:
I just shot 2 ml's of the Tren last night. Ill try and keep you updated.

here come the boyz...!
i knew if i shamelessly bumped this up enough the gurus would appear!

i had been running LFC Tren....loved it!
took my first shot of Quest this morning...pain free, all looks well.
thanx to everyone again, especially my Canadian brotheron!

god bless:D