Report: Terrell Owens taken to ER


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DALLAS (AP) -- Terrell Owens was taken to the emergency room for an undisclosed reason Tuesday night, and doctors treating the Dallas Cowboys receiver were trying to induce vomiting, according to a television report.

Owens was brought by a fire rescue crew to Baylor Medical Center, Dallas-Fort Worth television station KTVT reported, citing sources the television station did not identify. A reporter for the station later said she saw Owens being wheeled down the hall.

Calls from The Associated Press to Owens' agent, his publicist and the Cowboys were not immediately returned Tuesday night. The hospital told the AP that they do not have a patient registered by Owens' name.

KTVT said a Dallas police spokesperson was en route to the hospital to talk about a "high profile case."

Owens broke the bone leading to his right ring finger a week ago Sunday night. The next day, a plate was screwed in, protecting the bone so it can heal without further damage.

Earlier Tuesday, Cowboys coach Bill Parcells said he expects Owens to rejoin his teammates at practice Wednesday and would start Sunday in Tennessee if he proves he can play.

"It's just, can he withstand the pain of catching the ball?" Parcells said. "When he can stand it, he can play."

With the Cowboys having had a bye last weekend, Owens could return without having missed a game. He's already said he'll play Oct. 8, when he gets to face his former team, the Eagles, in Philadelphia.


As of right now... they say he took 30 pain pills then combined it with some supplements and it created a reaction.

Seems like people want it to be an attempted suicide...


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Who believes that it was an allergic reaction from vicodon and supplements like he's saying it is, I mean the guy did go to practice today.


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hey...come on now...TO is just trying to fit in with the Dallas hype! he's never one to be out-done...i mean what with Dallas' look the other way syndrome with "prescription medication".

he's got to get on Dallas' new/old honor system...? you know the one..."Yes yer honor. No yer honor..."