second cycle planning


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What's up everyone, first, I'm glad to see the forum back up and running, no thanks to the jealous fuckers that caused it to shut down to begin with.
I’m planning my second cycle and I have a choice of Deca 300 or EQ (not sure of brand yet) and Cip 200. Which choice would you go with, the Deca or EQ? How would you stack it with the Cip? Thanks.
Still on my first cycle but I have the opportunity to pick up more gear now while I still have a source. My second cycle won’t begin till early next year. I currently weigh 158lb, 5ft 7, 25yrs old, and currently on my 6th week out of a 10wk cycle of T400.

So what gear choice would you recommend to stack with Cip 200? QV Deca300 or QV EQ? And how would you stack it?

Apologies for all the questions just want to make sure I get enough gear to cover the next cycle while I still can. Thanks.
Test & Eq would make a good second cycle....say 400 mg/week of each for 10-12 weeks.

btw, it's cyp, as in cypionate.........:D
I just want to know, Stonecoldnto, how do you put pics under your username????? I have been wanting to do that for a while now!!
Thanks StoneColdNTO I thought my abbreviation look wrong. Would 12 weeks be too long? And what about front-loading than tapering down or other methods of stacking over the 10-12wk period? I’ve read about it somewhere but not sure what the benefits would be if any.
that is what i want to do also, im begining my 5th week on my first cycle.... im 5'8'' 172lbs, and i will be doing test/EQ for my second cycle starting in mid january....on pretty much the same track as you....i want to frontload as well, the benefits are that the test and EQ or whatever you are taking begin to show results faster than if you didn't frontload because it helps raise the levels of them in your body faster....CORRECT ME of course if i am way off, the vets know alot more, but ive been asking about this recently, so yeah....
i was planning on doing 500mg test with 500mg EQ....and frontloading the first week with a gram of each....and then doing the rest at the 500 dosage...for a total of 12 weeks...
Panteracfh, so frontloading would be beneficial then. Thanks. How do you measure a gram of liquid? Or what is that equivalent to?
Never mind, 1000mg to 1-gram…duh. It’s too early in the morning. But 1000mg of each Test&EQ? Sounds a little scary.
1000mg of each just the first week....then the rest just 500 of gets the levels higher the first week you'll have 3 injections, and the rest 2 injections...asuming your using enth @ 250mg/ml and EQ 200mg/ml. so 4cc's of enth and 5cc's of EQ, thats 3cc's 3 times the first week and then 2cc's of enth and 2 1/2 cc's the rest of the cycle of EQ......:)
Thanks panteracfh. I'll be using Cyp 200 w/ EQ 200 that just means more injections which sux.

How would you spread the loading injections throughout the week when it will be 5cc of each? 2 per day for 5days?

I was searching around and found that people recommend FL the EQ for 2wks at 1000mg would anybody else recommend this?
yeah, you could frontload both for two week, it would just be more gear and more injections, but i think it would be worth it....if your doing 5cc's of each, your best bet would be to do 1cc of each, so 2cc's, for 5 days...but if you want to limit the injections, try 3cc's mon (1 1/2 of each), same on wednesday, 2cc's one of each on thur, and 2cc's again on sat. one of each....that would work thinking of frontloading for 2 weeks too....but i got a while to think about it, probly like 3 months :)....update on here how your cycle goes