Simple but sweet


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my next cycle guys:

wks 1-10 EQ 600mg/wk
wks 1-10 fina 85mg/ed
wks 3-10 Winstrol (winny) 50mg/ed

currently 5'10, 245#, 12%bf, fairly advanced Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) user. any comments/crits appreciated or if anybody has run somthing similar to this what were your gains like?

thanks bros.

Looks nice...mite wanna add a bit of test...and r u using Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) post cycle? if not, then you mite wanna start your nolva and Winstrol (winny) 3 weeks later which will translate to being run 3 weeks after ur last shot of eq...that way you can start clomid juts a couple days after ur last shot
hahahahaha. Your gonna hear from pretty much everyone that you should add Test but I am sure you have thought out this cycle and you know what you are doing.

Keep us updated as to your progress Dirty-Dog.
a good idea would be to put off the tren and Winstrol (winny) for a couple weeks, like this:

weeks 1-10: 600mgEQ
weeks 3-12: 85mg tren
weeks 4-12: 50mg winny

oh, and toss in some test more good measure :)
Id go

wks 1-2 EQ 1200mg/wk
wks 1-8 EQ 600mg/wk
wks 1-10 fina 85mg/ed + 50mg Prop (or even 25mg for bare min)
wks 3-10 Winstrol (winny) 50mg/ed

Or if you prefer going for the 12wks, pretty much what Nutri said.
Ya proviron could work for your low/no test sistuation as well. 10 AM dbol and transdermal testosterone could as well (not for gains, more as a theraputical dose for testosterone supplementation).
Sounds like you know what your doing bro but I would try to throw in some test. I ran a similar cycle test/eq/fina. I am too poor for Winstrol (winny) but will try it someday. Good luck bro. BTW I would run the fina/winny past the EQ.