Sodas workout partner-My dad age 54

That is so fucking cool. Someday my son (who doesnt exist yet) will be posting my pics. Awesome post.
thanks fellas he will love to see this,he had a tricep and knee surgery not to long and is working around them.He is great in the gym and has become not just my dad,gear buddy:D: but best friend.thanks guys
That little pip-squeek is your work-out partner, keep with it pops I'm right behind you (52) . Looking good ,damn good !
Damn BS...........give your dad our props. I would have never guessed he was 54! Keep pushing that iron!
You guys sound surprised. There is no age limit for lifting. Plan to lift for life. No law says we have to turn into old women when we get old.
Tell your Dad he looks great for me.
BTW, I'm 54 also.
he has been liftin for many years,in person he looks more dense,he has done a few cycles and started gh a few months ago.hey ironmaster u look fukin great bro,Im gonna hit u on pm to pick your head on gh if that is cool.