Someone please clear this up for me!


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Ok, I know this has been addressed before but I am just being extra cautious as this is a very dangerous subject. I am about to start a cycle of humalog and am looking to order some dextrose. Supplement Direct has the best prices by far, but I just find it very confusing that 1/3 of cup = 75 gr's of dex while at proteinfactory 1/2 of a cup = 75 gr's of dex.
If I were to go ahead and order the dex from supplement direct should I ignore the label and assume 1/2 cup of dex = 75 carbs? What would you suggest?

Yes, ignore the label - it is incorrect !!

The best way is to weigh it out, a digital kitchen scale works perfectly.

1 gram Dextrose = 1 Carb
Thanks SC!
I actually found a cheaper place to buy dextrose (Thanks to YellowJacket) while doing a search so I have decided to buy from them. However, I will use the kitchen scale regardless to ensure proper accuracy.