Technical t3 usage question.


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if you were goingot use t3 wouldit really make a difference in the mcgs being that u are supressing your natural thyroid anyway for a short time? what im saying is this. would it be more feasable to use t3 for 6-8 weeks and pyramid up to like 120mcgs ed for 5 of those weeks then come down for 2 weeks? so it would be like this

weeks 1-3 50mcgs ED
weeks 3-6 120 mcgs ED
weeks 6-8 25 mcgs ED going down to 12.5 mcgs ed then off

would that eb more effective in fat burning than say 8 solid weeks of 50mcgs ED? let get some opinions on this.

minitor....I wouldn't go up to 120 mcgs ED....the highest I would go would be 75....after about start getting diminishing returns....if you up your dose 50 mcgs every're not going to get a 50% increase....

Just something to keep in mind!
well, I wouldn't go that high for so long....

mine goes as such:

days 1-5 25 mcgs
days 6-10 50 mcgs
days 11-30 75 mcgs
days 31-35 50 mcgs
days 36-40 25 mcgs
days 41-60 12.5 mcgs

the last 20 days is to help get my thyroid back in motion without it being slowed down too much.

I'm on day 16 at 75mcgs....and it's rough as hell, I'm always sweating shit, but it's definitely working.

good luck
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humm that looks

pretty solid i think i will try the same, anyone with any other suggestions or comments?

Big Cat made the comment once before that using under 100mcg of t3 is worthless. Someone asked Nandi about it and in a round about way, I gathered, Nandi was saying he was right. Nandi does not like to give out dosages at all.

Best recommendation I can give is try it and see how u like it. I'm on 125mcg rite now and I am lovin' it. I treat t3 and steriods the same way, I like short high dose cycle of both. I look at it as getting in, get what you want, and get out. The least time you're on them the better.

If you've never run t3 before, try working up from 50mcg. Stay on it for a couple of days, then bump it up. See how u feel and what you like best. After you've found a point that works for u, next time you use t3 I would suggest just starting with that dose and then tapering down at the end. I believe pyramiding with t3 is worthless.
t3 is nothing to mess around with. you can permanetly shutdown your thyroid. I would start out really low at 12.5 and slowly work your way up to 50 mcg. Thyroid is going to aid your body in losing fat if you are on a correct diet and cardio routine. T3 is not a magic bullet for getting ripped and if you use it wrong it could be devastating to your body. also, do NOT use it for more than 6-8 weeks. if i was you i would use 12.5 for 2 weeks then 25mcg for another two weeks and then 37.5 then 50 for two weeks then you need to cut dosage in half each time on the way down.
well i for one

know that u cant shut down your thyroid from using t3 in moderation, thats like saying doing a cycle of test will shut your htpa down for ever. it wont happen like that.

plus i know people that have used t3 for 4+ months with no side effects and kept the weight off. so i dont know hwo true that really is.

im going to do it for 60 days probably as of now starting at 25mcgs then to 50 then to 75 then to 100 and stay at 100 for 4 weeks then back down thats the way im looking right now.

also........maybe you can't shut down your thyroid for good.....BUT.....there is a chance that you can mess it up if doesn't recover correctly....and it could be slower than it used to be for the rest of your life...then you may have to get on thyroid therapy, or even get it cut out!!!
LMAO! r u serious bro? ur saying screwing with your thyroid is bad, but you can screw with your testicle? Yea, i'd kinda be more worried about having children than taking a lil pill everyday for the rest of my make it out to be the devil when you're doing the same thing with steriods...think about it bro

Also, the average medically noted recovery time is 2 weeks, this was even after a 2 year course in one case. That is fact, not internet myth.

what do u think of the 100mcgs for 6 weeks of t3 cycle ? what do uthinkthe average weight loss would be in this time period? with proper diet and lots of cardio of course and a big cutting cycle. im pretty set on doing it 100mcgs for 6 weeks so if u can hit me back with some info id appreciate it.

I can't say for sure, your not me. I would go as far to say that as long as you are under not over 14-15% you could get some nice cuts coming in. Everything still has to be in check.
readytoexplode....I hope you're not talking to me man. I was just saying that if you take t3....your thyroid could take a harsh rebound if you just dropped it from 100-150mcgs and end up being slower than it used to be.

yes...screwing with t3 is not the smartest thing to do
yes...screwing with steroids is not the smartest thing to do either...
But I never said to not do either....there are risks in just about everything we do....we just have to know how to deal with them. I'm using aas...and I'm using t3...I've also used dnp, and I plan on using slin. They all have their own dangers. I'm not saying anything bad about them...but in reality...they can be dangerous! Everyone who takes Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) or anything related should be aware of that....if they deny that, they're fucking morons.

and to Minitor....what kind of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) are you taking with the t3...because t3 will attack both muscle and, in order to spare fat, you'll want to use some sort of androgens. But I would recommend that you pyramid up and down with the t3, because you WILL shut your thyroid down while you're on high doses, just like your hpta shuts down when you juice and your pancreas shuts down when you use slin (depending on how much and how often it's taken) but when you stop, it will come back....but it's best to come back slow so as not to have a harsh rebound effect.
Deadlift said:

Also, the average medically noted recovery time is 2 weeks, this was even after a 2 year course in one case. That is fact, not internet myth.

very true....

BTW, I agree with techchemy (either that or he just agrees with me ;) ) that going up much over 75mcg isn't going to provide a whole lot of additional benefits. Going up to 50-75 for as long as your planning to should be enough to get anyone lean provided diet and cardio are where they need to be. And that you don't have a real metabolic problem.
my anabolics are like this

75mgs tren ED
100 mgs prop ED
100 mgs EQ ED
50mgs Winstrol (winny) ED
1 omnadren EW (had a few laying around figured id throw them in there for the hell of it)

so i dont think i will have to worry about muscle wasting away, my protein is at about 250-300grams a day divided in 6-7 meals sometimes 8 with shakes and stuff. im in my 2nd week of this. so u guys think between 75mcgs and 100mcgs ed for 6 weeks will be the most beneficial with the least amount of side effects?