Tereskan's Training Journal


squats: 7 x 374
6 x 379.5

leg press: 20 x 660
10 x 968
7 x 1056

stiff leg deads: 8 x 220
8 x 220

seated calf raises: 8 x 154
8 x 176

abs 2 x 20 @ 242

I love and hate leg days, Its the one day that kills me for about 4 days, after squatting my eyes feel like their going to explode, i gag at least 10 times during my leg session, usually ending up in following through! squatting is costing me a fortune to in split trousers and underware. I was ment to add hyper extensions to the session but i was shattered and will add them to the next session.
I feel you on the loving and hating the leg days...the only exercise that rivals any of that is deads of course IMO at least. I tried the 20 repper for the first time the other day as well but didnt go nearly as high as you...nice work brosky.
evansss said:
I feel you on the loving and hating the leg days...the only exercise that rivals any of that is deads of course IMO at least. I tried the 20 repper for the first time the other day as well but didnt go nearly as high as you...nice work brosky.

after squtting the 20 reps are just evil, I find if i stop for a rest during the 20 it makes it 100 times harder so the best bet is to grit your teeth scream like a animal and push through them.

bench press: 6 x 308
6 x 308

decline press: 6 x 308
4 x 308

incline dumbell: 8 x 100 (each hand)
8 x 110 (each hand)

tricep push down: 10 x 176
12 x 176

seated dips(weight on lap) 10 x 110
10 x 165

chest is very much my weak muscle group, hopefully this cycle is gonna help add some size and strength to the area.


5 X 440


CABLE ROW: 6 X 418
6 X 418

8 X 418

10 X 83.6 DBELL

ABS: 20 X 236.5
20 X 247.7

Haven't felt so good the last couple days, been walking around with a pounding headache yesterday and spewed up my shake this morning.
Even with all my ailments from the last couple days felt nice and strong in the gym, everything is kicking in nice(prob just the var) so felt nice and strong, managed my biggest lifts on deads tonight, hopefully these numbers will continue to go up over the next couple months.
Gotta try force some food down my throat now(hopefully it will stay down)


Shoulder press- 6 x 440 (this is on a plate loaded machine)
6 x 506

side raises: 8 x 50 (each hand)
8 x 55

latiral raises 8 x 35 (each hand)
8 x 40

pull aparts 10 x 110 (machine)
10 x 132

bicep curl 10 x 88
10 x 99

seated preacher curl 10 x 99 ( machine)
10 x 110

got in the gym at 8am this morning, felt good and strong, strength is coming on really well, last time i did shoulder press i was struggling on 440 for 5 so big improvement in strength over the last few weeks.
Feel much better the last couple days, havent been dieting just eating normal trying to keep the protein levels high, pigged out on chinese last night which felt great.

Looking forward to legs on tuesday, hopefully the weights are gonna carry on heading north.


Squats: 8 x 374
5 x 418

leg press: 10 x 1100
6 x 1210

stiff leg deads: 8 x 264
8 x 264

seated calf raises: 10 x 176
11 x 176

abs machine: 20 x 242
20 x 253

Felt really strong tonight, could have prob pushed a bit more on the squat but my spotter is still young and basically not a very confident spotter. All i can say is my strength is going through the roof on this cycle and im loving it.
Im finding eating the hardest part, just trying my best to get as much in me as possible but their is only so much cold dry chicken you can force feed yourself without being sick!!


flat bench: 6 x 330
6 x 330 (sruggled with last 2)

decline bench: 6 x 308
5 x 308

incline dbell press: 8 x 110 (each hand)
5 x 121

tri push down: 10 x 198
10 x 220

dips: 12 x 165 dips are with feet up on bench with plates in lap
11 x 187

I hate chest day, give me squats or back work any day.
My strength is still going up well, on week 4 now so everything should be kicking in now, cant wait to start feeling the full benefits of the test and tren looking forward to starting getting some good size.
Still struggling with the eating, just getting as much protein as i can I just dont feel hungry and whenever i do eat or drink my body just wants to throw it all up again.

Were gonna battle on, gonna have 2 days of and train back on monday, its my birthday tomorrow so gonna spend the weekend with the family gorging myself on everything i shouldnt eat ,.


Dead lifts: 5 x 440
5 x 451

wide grip pull ups: 3 sets of 6 (assisted (one notch less assistance then last week))

cable rows: 6 x 418
6 x 440

narrow grip pulldowns: 8 x 440
8 x 451

hyper extensions: 10 x 85 (dumbell)
10 x 85

abs: 20 x 253
20 x 269.5 ( on abs machine)

felt good today, had to train on my own as my partner went sick(again) had a good session managed to squeeze a bit more out on deads.

Suffering really bad with lower back pump. had this problem will all my cycles, might start runing 1mg arimidex ED to try and combat the water retension a bit, other then that all is going well.
Shoulders/biceps wednesday.....


Shoulder press- 8 x 506 (this is on a plate loaded machine)
4 x 550

side raises: 10 x 55 (each hand)
8 x 60

latiral raises 8 x 40 (each hand)
10 x 45

pull aparts 10 x 132 (machine)
10 x 154

bicep curl 10 x 99
10 x 110

seated preacher curl 10 x 110 ( machine)
7 x 121

Im loving this new found strength, could have done a bit more on the shoulder press but as i was training alone again I had no one to help me get the weight up there.


squats: 6 x 418
4 x 440

leg press: 8 x 1100
5 x 1320

stiff leg deads: 10 x 264
10 x 330

seated calf machine 15 x 176
12 x 198

standing calf raises: 12 x 660
12 x 660 ( this is on a squat machine)

havent posted for a few weeks, feeling good and getting stronger.