test 250mg and hairloss


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how much is the hairloss is from test at 250mg while not using any hair meds except nizoral for guys with mpb cause i was curious to run it at hrt doses along with my deca cycle...peace
It'll still cause hair loss if your prone to MPB, to what degree depends on how aggressive your hair loss is.

If you were running fin or dut (obviously you can't because you're running deca), that low of a dosage would probably cause very little harm. Since your not, you won't know until you try. You may want to run prop (if you don't mind the injections) rather than enth, cyp, or sustanon. Atleast with prop, you could discontinue use (or lower the dose) if the fallout became too bad and not have to worry about it being in your system for a couple more weeks.

Besides nizoral I would definitely get some topical spiro.
you hate prop or hate prop for hairloss?

Your hairloss will depend on how your genetics are. Some guys go bald before 22 - with no steroids! Others juice up with grams of Tren and have no hairloss. It really is a genetic thing.

Just start low, and see how you react. You could also consider other steroids that are less harmful on the hairline - but test is best afterall :)
Yeah run a nice easy dose of test at 250 and monitor your hairloss, if you get away with it try 500 in ur next cycle, start low and definately run nizoral and spiro topical..those two things helped save my hair. Why not chuck the deca and run Var or Tbol with ur test, that way you can still run the fin or dut.
LOL I can't remember I just know it's a real bad idea, something about it producing something even more evil then DHT!
Its different for every one. I use 1g test and almost 1g of tren and I have virtually no hairloss. I'm 40, so any hairloss I do experience could be because of age.
I lose hair even off cycle so if I did anything strong I'd kiss my hair goodbyeeeeeeeeee!