Test Enanthate ml/mg


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Hey bros

I've been quoted a price on 20ml of Test Enanthate but I need to know what it is in mg. The problem is I don't know the brand. Can someone give me an accurate idea?

Thanks, Jock
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Bro I reckon what you've got is Iranian Test Enan. It's what's coming into the U.K. at the mo. Manufacturer is Aburaihan Co.

Normally comes in 1ml amps. 250mg per ml

Proper good stuff!
Cheers bro - good to see you over here. It's a great board like MT.

Yes the first inj - an experience I'm enjoying repeating:)
if it is a 20 ml vial it is most likely Mexipharm 200mg/ml if it is amps it could be spanish mexican asian or iranian turkish etc like mentioned above all 250 mg/ml
No he didn't a lot of the guys in the U.K deal/work with ml which is annoying because I've been doing all my research in mg.