The 5x5 routine


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I really like the idea of switching to a 5x5 program such as this. Can anyone recommend me a good 3, or 4 day split that I could incorporate this program with?

I also can't seem to find the full routine, link is dead.

There's a routine posted in the first few pages. Its a four day split.

Here's how I do mine, a bit diff from needsize but close enough. I have a bball league on sunday so I need to do legs earlier in the week.

Mon- chest and calves
Tues- shoulders and back
Wends- off
Thrus- Legs (squats 5x5, leg presses, stiffs, leg curls all 2x8-10)
Fri- Off
Sat- Arms (bis tris)
Sun- off


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There's a routine posted in the first few pages. Its a four day split.

Here's how I do mine, a bit diff from needsize but close enough. I have a bball league on sunday so I need to do legs earlier in the week.

Mon- chest and calves
Tues- shoulders and back
Wends- off
Thrus- Legs (squats 5x5, leg presses, stiffs, leg curls all 2x8-10)
Fri- Off
Sat- Arms (bis tris)
Sun- off

Thanks, I found it after I posted this and just wrapped up my first week yesterday. Feels damnnnn good actually even with just the light weight. its nice to take a step backwards and focus on form.

lite wt rookie

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So when doing 5x5 how is two body parts each workout ok? And let me get this straight one exercise 5x5 then two more exercises 2 sets 8-10 reps ...then say I switch to another body part same deal then that's it for the day? Minus cardio which I do almost always

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Could this be done like follows

squats - 5 x 5
Leg curl and leg ext - 2 x 8
LAteral raise and front raise - 2 x 8

Wednesday -
Chest / back
Bench press - 5 x 5
Dead lift - 5x5
Flys - 2 x 8
dips - 2 x 8
chins - 2 x max
seated row - 2 x 8

Shoulders / arms
SHoulder press - 5 x 5
LAteral raise - 2 x 8
front raise - 2 x 8

BB Bicep curls - 2 x 8
Tricep pushdown - 2 x 8

Abs each training day and basically eating everything I can

I think this would be a good time saver and would hit about everything.
WHat does everyone thing?

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Trying this:
#1- BB bench 5x5, BB OH press 5x5, Weighted Dip 5x5.
#2- BB row 5x5, BB curl 5x5, DB shrug 5x5, wrist curl 5x5
#3- Leg press 5x5, Romanian DL 5x5, Calf raises 5x5

Abs 3x/wk 5x5 (2 wks), then supersets (2wks), then giantsets (2wks)



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Sorry im a lil slow, can u break that down for me in days on chest day this is all i do.

Flat bench 5x5
incline dumbell press 2x8-10
incline flyes 2x8-10

if someone can can u give me a break down of the week and what it would look like.


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How many 5x5's would you do per workout?

I'm thinking

Standard Deadlift 5x5
Good Mornings 2x8-10
Hyperextension with 2 45' plates 8-10


Jeez spammer getting everywhere as fast as AIDS came from Africa :shoot4: ...

Anyway i think i'll put this kinda routine on my plan, very shortly. Looks pretty descent for mass as i read many times. Just need to figure out whats the best way to do it with deads, bench ad squats


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Im def going to try this before my cycle, and if I like it as much as everyones saying I will for sure ROCK it during my cycle : )


waow i just started squating 3 day ago on my leg day and still feel the pain, killer workout !


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i would like some advice on my training program



flat bp
incline bp
decline bp
fly press palms facing in
close grip bp


bent over tricep ext
behind head tricep ext
barbell tricep ext
tricep dips



squats with dumbells
dumbell lunges
dead lifts
calf raises
leg extensions
hamstring curls

wednesday -rest



1 arm dumbell rows
pull ups
bent over barbell rows
reverse fly ext
trapezius shrugs


bicep curls
straight arm curls
vertical hand bicep curls


abs crunches
abs burn out
side leg ext
lower leg raises


forearm extensions
forearm curls


shoulder press dumbells palms facing out
shoulder press dumbells palms facing in
side shoulder raises
front raises
bent over reverse flys

saturday sunday rest.

whats peoples thoughts on this program, also i am doing most of my training at home just now as i dont have time to get to the gym so was wondering if there is any other good exercises for my back as i cant do pull downs. i was also wondering if i am leaving too much rest time between muscle groups or is a week fine?


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I've been lifting a while Jambokris, and that is a very advanced routine. Can't tell you what to do but it sounds good if you have everything squared, diet, support, and if you can't make it to gym, improvise with heavy iron. I have before. 5x5 is what I started out with for about a year and it gave me a good base.


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ive been running this routine for the last 4 weeks. my strength has been going up good and my test should be kicking in in next few weeks.