Thigh sweep


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Since my legs look like sticks I was wondering what excercise promotes outer thigh sweep the most.
I like to do hack squats or leg press for this. I place my feet close together and high on the platform. Make sure you concentrate on pushing with your quads and not as much with your glutes.
For overall leg development squats will be the best. They will hit every aspect of your quads and glutes very well.
Easto I cannot do squats do to knee and ankle problems.Leg presses I started doin again ,high volume medium weight for a good pump.I,ve tried different foot placements on leg presses and found that high and feet closely positioned hits my hams as well .I,m now placing my feet at the center of the pad on leg presses one foot apart will this help as well for outer thigh sweep?
Thanks for the response ......:40oz:
What you have to do is experiment. Use different foot placements until you find one that hits the quads the way you want them to. Let me know if you have any more questions Bro.
Thanks for the response bro.Their aint enough enough training info on this site .After 15 yrs of training I still have questions .
We are all here to help Bro. This is a great site to be a part of. I am glad we have it here!
Do you have any sort of squat machine at your gym to help keep you in a position that won't allow you to compromise your form? We have a great front squat machine at our gym that I use with clients that have trouble squatting with the free weight.
I could use the vertical leg press at my gym as well.I think the smith machine would be best for me if I try squating again.That way I will not compromise my form due to injury suffered.Front squats I can also do on the smith machine.Front squats that was a good idea Fyre I,ll try it............:)
When we have bad joints, we need to strengthen all of the muscles that cross that joint. For example, with your knees bothering you, you want to make sure that are training your quads, hamstrings and calves in a balanced fashion. The more muscle we have surrounding the joint, the more support the joint has. I have found that resistance training has done wonders for me with any injuries that had occurred in my competitive gymnastics days. One more thing, are you taking any joint support formula?
Yes I am taking here goes glucosamin cotondrine?I,ts not really the knee that is the problem My left ankle is pinned that will never get better.later