Time to shock via a new routine?


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Just wanted to start off by saying hi to everyone and thanks for all the usefull information i've gathered while lurking the boards.

Let's start off by saying that i took 2 weeks off from working out recently as things were far too crazy to allow me to get to the gym during the holidays. I am currently in a police foundations program and the running portion is quite vigorous (too much for my liking); however, this is not where my question lies. I've been on Needsize's 5X5 routine since september 2nd and as stated by him i started out quite light. I've noticed this is around the time i should be changing my routine to shock the muscles. I'll post all valuable information in proper order to help out the pro's with advice.

#1 eggs/toast/skim milk
#2 tuna/pasta
#3 chicken
#4 Steak and w/e else i can scrummage up (not hte high end steaks i might add)
**there's also two protein shakes mixed in here and two "Mega Man" multi-vitamins (1morning and 1 at dinner)
*** it is only recently i have started to follow this good diet

Lifts: i'll only give the compound one's i guess as i assume those are most pertinent. As you already know these are on a 5X5 and are my lifts as of last week.
Bench- 200lbs
Military press- 170lbs
Deadlift- 215lbs
Close Grip Bench- 175lbs
Barbell Curls- 110lbs
Squats- 220lbs

Stats- 6"2 1/2 189lbs (i was 201 then went down to 173~ from the running and gained to what i am now in muscle i believe).

I am going for more the body building type body; however, given my chosen career i strongly wish it have much in the way of strength gains (which is why i chose needsize's routine).

I'd love as much critque on my routine/diet/lifts as possible. I've decided to go all the way with this so any and all help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance :)

P.S. i've been looking into the westside barbell routine posted by Iron Addict. Is it the proper way to go if i am to change routines?