Vic Richards


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in my mind, no one had this guys potential. if he was competing at the itme, i feel many of haneys titles would have been taken from him. this guy personifies size/thickness/freakyness in my mind. just take a look!!
ile start out with vic at 17 years old!!!!
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fuck im getting wont let me post a single pic, yet all are like are now shrank down too 1/2 the size of the pics of other pros on here..
alright its not letting me post anything so fuck it, ile wait. could anyone explain whats happening here?
I believe you have to save the pics as jpg's or gif's. Not 100% correct on that so dont quote me. Your saving yours as bmp's so maybe that is the problem.
Well, i know i'm over a year late, but here we go anyways.


I agree Vic Richards did have major potential, but it is clearly not shown by those pictures. There is another thread in this forum of great vic pics.