What is a good way to make topical tren?

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What is the best mix to use? Also, is it better to go with tren acetate or tren base? (assuming one is smaller molecularly)
Maybe PM Supergirl with a link to this thread and she may chime in. I know she does use Tren through the skin so maybe she could help.

Q: I recently got 300 Finaplix-H cattle implant pellets. I've read articles by Dan Duchaine and others that discuss how to make this into an injectable or separate out the trenbolone acetate. What do you think is the best way to use Finaplix-H?

A: For most people (99% of the readers), the best way to use Finaplix-H is to simply get a mortar and pestle, grind the pellets into a fine powder, add DMSO, pour it into a clean container, and stick it in the refrigerator. It should be used topically and applied, preferably, once per day in the morning (but never later than 3-4pm to minimize HPTA inhibition).

Trenbolone, on a milligram-per-milligram basis, is about three times as anabolic as testosterone. So if you were going to use 600 mg of testosterone per week, you'd only need to use 200 mg or so of trenbolone per week. This works out to around 30 mg of trenbolone per day. However, when used topically in DMSO, only about half of the trenbolone "makes it through" (much is caught in the stratum corneum). So, to make up for the relatively poor absorption, you'd want to use around a total of 60 mg of topical trenbolone per day. Each pellet contains 20 mg of trenbolone, so you'd need three per day.

I'd suggest grinding up 150 pellets and mixing in 100 ml of DMSO. This will give you a concentration of 30 mg/ml and you'd want to use 2 ml of this solution per day for 50 days. DMSO can be somewhat irritating to the skin and, of course, you have to contend with garlic breath odor, but that's the breaks. Some people might be allergic or sensitive to the binders and coloring in the pellets, so I'd suggest a "patch test" first by putting a few drops of the solution on your skin and rubbing it in to see what happens.

It's imperative that you keep your solution refrigerated when not in use and out of direct sunlight, as trenbolone tends to degrade easily. Finaplix-H pellets (and, thus, your solution) should be pale to moderate yellow in color. If either has a "brownish tinge," your product has degraded, is probably useless, and should be discarded. Using your pellets in the way that I've described would allow you to undergo two cycles of 50 days each. The pellets cost about $60 for a carton of 100, and the mortar and pestle maybe $15. Add $5 for the DMSO, and you'd be buying two good cycles for $200 or so. This is about as inexpensive as it gets these days.
Another alternative:

Trenbolone Nasal Spray
by Par Deus

The following is intended for informational purposes o_nly blah blah blah...

Without a doubt, o_ne of the most effective androgens in existence is trenbolone (aka Parabolan), but since the disappearance of real Parabolan many years ago, it has become almost a truly mythical substance - both in its glorious reputation and in the fact that it exists primarily as just that - a legend from the past. The exception is Finaplix-H cattle implants.

Though relatively easy to obtain, these have been far from a perfect solution - due to binders, sterility issues, etc... until now. I proudly introduce: The Trenbolone Nasal Spray.

The first step will obviously be Procuring Your Androgen (tm). This is relatively simple - a quick search of the internet should turn up several veterinary supply companies selling it at a very reasonable price - o_n the order of $15/gram. These companies will likely require "proof of cattle" of some sort. This is not really a problem as it is not at all difficult to fake - a bit of creativity and 5 minutes in MS Word will produce a realistic looking feed bill or slaughter invoice. Just supply a major credit card, and your Finaplix will be in the mail. I should note a quick caveat -- having the order sent to Los Angeles or New York City will probably arouse considerably more suspicion than having it sent to a small town in the Midwest, so keep that in mind.

The next step is where things get slightly more difficult -- and is where the shortcomings of previous methods have reared their heads. I will look quickly at a few of them:

Dissolve it in DMSO -- DMSO smells quite bad, to say the least (though I was recently introduced to an odorless DMSO) -- it will also irritate the skin and deliver the binders into your body along with your androgen. Not to mention it will probably o_nly result in systemic delivery of 20-25%.

Another option is to dissolve it in veggie oil then inject, but this is far from perfect as well - you will get 100% delivery, an obvious plus, but you will also get 100% delivery of the binders as well as any pathogens that might be introduced to your solution along the way. This reduces the safety considerably.

A more refined option is to purchase a kit or follow the instructions designed for the purpose of creating a sterile, binder free injectable -- but this requires multiple chemicals, syringes, syringe filters, and 20+ steps. This is probably the most effective means available, but it is also a pain in the ass - figuratively and, ultimately, literally. Thus, the need for this article.

The Trenbolone Nasal Spray

In addition to your androgen, you are also going to need the following:
Acetone - 99%
Isopropyl alcohol - 99%
Propylene Glycol - 99%
( All of which can easily and affordably be obtained from an internet chemical company).
A couple of coffee filters.
A metered nasal spray pump (NatruVent, Nostrilla, etc.)
A dosing cup or syringe (or anything else that can be used to measure to the nearest ml)

The Procedure:

1. Take your Finaplix and dissolve it in the acetone at 50mg/ml. After the pellets have fully dissolved (This will take 10 minutes or so), an off-white powder will have begun to collect at the bottom of the container -- these are the binders and such. Your androgen is now in solution.

2. Pour the liquid through the coffee filter - leaving behind the undesirables, and leaving you with pure androgen dissolved in acetone.

3. Allow the acetone to evaporate - this will take several hours, depending o_n the surface area exposed to air and the total amount of acetone employed. Trenbolone has a reputation for being a rather unstable molecule -- I don't know if this is true or if it is merely bodybuilding lore that has been repeated until it is accepted as fact -- nonetheless, you might want to store it dark place while you wait for evaporation to take place. After it has evaporated, the trenbolone will be a yellowy crust at the bottom of whatever container you used.

4. Next add your propylene glycol (PG) in whatever amount will give your desired concentration (I suggest 40-50mg/ml) + an additional 50%, as some of it will evaporate during step 6. The PG will not dissolve the trenbolone, so...

5. Add isopropyl alcohol at a concentration of 1 ml/25mg. Stir it up a bit and it will dissolve -- this may take half an hour.

6. Allow it to sit until the isopropyl alcohol evaporates, leaving you with trenbolone dissolved in propylene glycol -- which will evaporate much more slowly.
(NOTE: Make sure all the alcohol has evaporated or it will burn like hell upon use)

If you are certain the alcohol has evaporated, and you still have too much propylene glycol remaining -- let it evaporate some more. Check it every 5-6 hours to make sure not too much evaporates, otherwise the trenbolone will come out of solution, and you will have to add some more isopropanol and start over again.

7. Add 1 part water for every 2 parts propylene glycol as pure PG is a bit too thick to produce a proper mist.

8. Next, empty out your nasal spray bottle and replace the contents with your newly created androgen/propylene glycol/water solution.

9. Stick up your nose and squirt.

10. Repeat every 3 hours or so.

I should, at this point, mention that propylene glycol burns the nasal passages a bit -- it will feel, for 10 seconds or so, the way it feels when you get water up your nose when swimming. This is not at all intolerable, for this reason, I do not recommend trying to use it enough to make it your lone androgen, but rather a way to add 20-30mg (I would estimate 50% absorption, so this would be 8-10 squirts/nostril) per day to a stack -- either other illicit androgens or a topical/nasal prohormone.

Also, if you have had problems with irritation using the Cyclodiol nasal homebrew, this will be worse, so I would advise against using it in your nose. Instead, use it as a sublingual -- you can use the metered nasal spray for the best accuracy, and I would expect that you would still get pretty decent absorption. Step 7 should be omitted if you choose this route of administration.
rjl296 said:
im not the smartest- how many boxes of finaplix would one need for 6 weeks use ??

Depends on the dosage you want to use every day, bro. For reference, there's 2000 mgs of tren in one cart of Fina.
Just a little input, if you do the nasal way...dont use Acetone. Unless your using a rotovap, or doing something where it is removed in the abundance of soemthing else...like water, when it is directly evaporated of the trenbolone at normal rate, it has a very bad tendency of leaving a residual amount.

Acetone isnt great to put in the body. Use something else. Iso, ethenol, or methenol would be better.

Just some input.
Deadlift said:
Don't know, I'm going to be using the powder.

that's easy as hell!!!

you can either make a spray or a lotion...

I use plo gel.. so basically i crush a pellet into powder, dilute it with a tad of alcohol to make it into a gel like substance, then i mix in just a bit of the plo gel and apply.. SUPER simple :) and the great thing about transdermal is that is can be used for SPOT reduction!!!!!

Here is the fina spray dial_tone posted on the femme board:
What do you need to create Finasol?

A spray bottle
A transdermal solution
Trenbolone Acetate

Where can I get a spray bottle?

The most commonly used bottles are those that were originally used for spray prohormones such as Biotest's Androsol and Ergopharm's Andro Spray. Just about any spray bottle will work if it hasn't been previously used to hold a toxic or poisoness substance.

Where can I get the solution?

Many will just use a prohormone spray as the solution. While this isn't the most efficient, it does work. It is generally less expensive and more efficient to make your own solution.

How do I make the solution?

There are several recipes that work, this is one that works well...

Combine these three ingredients in a 240cc bottle:

80cc Water
50cc Isopropyl Myristate
110cc 95% Ethanol or 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.
Dissolve 100 pellets in the solution.

How much do I spray on my body?

Spray 10cc's every 12 hours for a period not to exceed 6 weeks. Do not spray on any of your 'sensitive' parts of your body.

How many sprays is 10cc's?

Biotest Androsol - 70 sprays
Ergopharm Andro Spray - 12-13 sprays
Misc. Bottle. - Fill with water and spray into something that can measure cc's or ml's. Divide cc's (ml's) by # of sprays to determine the number of sprays per cc (ml). Then multiply that number by 10 to determine how many sprays per cc.

Where can I buy Ethanol?

From the liquor store (190 proof Everclear) or online at:

Where can I buy 99% Isopropyl Alcohol?


Where can I buy Isopropyl Myristate?



I mixed mine in Ergopharm androspray, but I just did that mainly to get the bottle. Next time I'll try the home brew. This is dosed for a man. 100 pellets in a 240cc bottle is 16.66mg of fina per CC. I do 10cc (12-13 sprays of the Ergopharm bottle) twice a day. Figuring only half of it gets absorbed that's roughly 80mg per day of Fina.

Hope that helps ya Deadlift...
luv super
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