What is good to help joint/tendon aches?


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Did you ever try either of these?

Yes. The absorbine was awesome. Joint pain was bearable after a few days and almost non existent in less than 2 weeks. I rubbed the shit out of my elbows and massaged it in the tendons at night. I don't do skullcrushers anymore but am able to do other exercises that I couldn't previously.


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I use joints and reflexology. I don't do skull crushers because it is bad for the joints and I can stimulate the muscles with other movements/lifts. Now that I am maturing that is


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Cissus helped me once. But nowadays nothing helps. Thinking of getting some ghrp-6 and cjc no dac. If that doesn't help, tb-500 and bpc 157.

Eating collagen won't repair your tendons, joints etc. It's EAA/good quality proteins that are needed for this. Most of the time we only need to take time off from the gym.