What is the Oral Stanozolol Detection Period (urine)?


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I recently took a WADA doping test.

The last intake was 80 days ago.( Oral stanozolol 20 mg)

What is the detection period for stanozolol? Some other sites say 3 weeks and some say 6 months.

Would it be tough for me to pass the WADA test?
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Depends on the level of scrutiny ur blood test or urine test.

I used to be a Fed Officer and taught drug testing....when a sample is tested they look for metabolites. Those are " exhaust " left in ur blood or urine after your body utiliizes the fuel.
The more expensive the test the more detectable. They can detect say Deca for months, even up tp 6-12 months DEPENDING how intense the testing. Using a gas spectrometer they can detect trace elements.

Why ?

We used to have offenders say they were in room where someone " smoked weed " for example. If u cant pass a drug test u have a DRUG PROBLEM ".

So what to do ?
1- Take a urine test, Check other in the custody form and in the space provided write Anabolic steroids. This will cost you upwards of $150.00
2- Find out what the "Prosecutable amount " cut off is..I d venture if your off winny for 80 day s ur fine.

So now....how important passing is to you and how far are you willing to go financially to see if your dirty or not


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