Which 1-test /4-Ad Brands/delivery?


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I have recently read a lot about 1-testosterone and 4-ad/1-Ad; is one better than the other, or take them as a stack like Mag-10? With 1-test? Which brand are guys hearing good stuff about. Every company states that their delivery system is superior, Biotest, Molecular Nutrition, Nutrex, Syntrax (sauce)? Is the oral capsules or topical more effective, which brands? All inputs appreciated!
Super one is nice, but t1-pro is cheaper if your a member of anabolicminds and gives you more 1-test and 4-ad.
just get a liquid 1 test from zoelabs.com and shoot it in the ass. no fuckin pain. if u go site specific with it thou youll be crying for mama.