Will you ever reach your ultimate goal?


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I always thought that it would be impossible for me to reach 200 pounds. I thought if I hit 200lbs, I would be huge, happy, and satisfied with what i have accomplished. Well, I hit 200 pounds before I was 20 years old and I am sitting at 225+ after running my first cycle. I still look in the mirror and want to be bigger! I honestly don't think that I will ever reach a size and say to myself, "That's it, you're big enough."

I know that 225 (5'8") isn't that big to some of you, but I am not even 22 years old yet, so I do have alot of time to catch up.

So, do you guys think that you will some day reach your ultimate goal?
one word "no"
i think that if the ultimate goal was to be acheived then lifting weights would stop for me
but there is always something i need to work on personally
In high school i was concerned with how i looked so i lifted a lot
Now that i'm involved with martial arts the goal is different its more for function than looking great although having both helps
I would have to agree with performance_issues on this one.
I think that once you set a goal, when you reach it, there's nothing wrong with setting a new one. I don't think we as humans..lol..are ever really happy with ourselves. There will always be something that we can improve on. I really don't think there's anything wrong with that though, providing of course, that you're not putting your health at risk along the way. Just my two cents.;)
i cant achieve what was my ultimate goal, the doctors have been quite serious in advocating me not to be as large as i wanted.

sometimes in life dreams have to be shattered and reality must take over, my dream just died too early.
I am only 20 years old, and after the completion of my first cycle I weighed in at about 210. By the time I started my second cycle just a short time ago I was around 200, and figured that would be my last bulking cycle, then do a cutter. Well you know what they say about well laid plans. My cycle started off decent, however fell far short of what I expected gains wise. To top it off I had to cut off a week due to developing gyno, then became ill because of a throat infection (losing the little progress I had made during pct.) I need to see my surgeon August 6th, to get the final verdict on if/when I am having surgery. Since the completion of my last cycle I have been completely unmotivated, and my workouts have paid the price of this. I have fallen to around 190, and cannot wait to get some closure on this gyno issue so I can go at it again. (I am not going to start another cycle, because then if I need surgery I will be out of commision for at least a few weeks, so that will be somewhat of a waste). So, no I have not reached my goal.
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NO.....I wish I could dedicate myself to training and reach my ultimate goal but I'm not a professional BBer. I have a family and home to provide for which are much more important to me than any body building goal. I will continue to try to be the best I can be but my wife, home and family will alway come first.
When I was in my 20s it was a different situation I had nothing to do but think about myself now in my 30s I'm happy with what I have accomplished in body building. I know I won't ever look like Ronnie or Gunther but I'll look better than most people in the gym. I guess that is good enough for me.
Right now my goals are to be a big as I can be and possibly do another show if I feel I'm ready to step on stage again.
NO, I will probably never be satisfied.
When I was 200 I thought when i hit 230 I will be MASSIVE.
Well i am 230 and I am not big enough. I now am trying to reach 250.
When I get to 250, I will want to be 270....and so on!
Never. At 33, I have everything a guy could want, but despite being 6'1", 210lbs and just completing an awesome cycle, I still look forward to my next cycle. Since starting a few years back at 175lbs., a lot of people have been commenting lately about me being so big and semi-joking about my wife feeding me steroids. Regardless, there will always be someone bigger.
I am 230lbs at about 11% body fat (4 abs)

I will be 220lbs at 6% body fat. That is my goal.

Did 2 cycles so far, one or two more to go, and then I will build naturally on that.
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I want to get to 235 at around 6 or 7 percent body fat. I am 211 now at 8% body fat, I got a long way to go..... I remember when I was in high school( junior year) I was like 6'1'' and 165lbs a skinny little bitch all I ever wanted to do was reach 180, got there not enough. then 190,( got here naturally..3 years later) then 200( juiced). still not big enough I think its like what the other bros said you have to keep reaching for the stars, achieve your goals and establish new ones.......Life without goals hopes and dreams is boring...........
crazymike said:
NO, I will probably never be satisfied.
When I was 200 I thought when i hit 230 I will be MASSIVE.
Well i am 230 and I am not big enough. I now am trying to reach 250.
When I get to 250, I will want to be 270....and so on!

Exactly....I used to be 165 and now I am tipping at 218lbs......but I always just wanted to be 200 and now my goal is 240@9bf......

I am only 21yrs old and I just want to get as massive and dense as I can get to win a State Show!!!!!!

I really don't look how much weight I put on in cycles.....but how much lean mass and density I can get
same here, used to weigh 155 & couldent wait till I hit 170. Then I just wanted 10 more pounds. so, then I hit 180 and I wanted more. Now after few years of training hard and eating good Iam at 215 with 10% bodyfat. I got up to 225 this year but then I dieted down to 215. I have a new goal now and that is 230 with 8%bf & the answer to your question "NO".