winstrol help please


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im interested in trying gear so i talked to a guy who told me i neededed buy a 12 week cycle. i think this guy is crazy. i need to know how many ml will i need for a 6-8 week.
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im 23 years old. 5-10 and weigh 201 lbs i go to the gym 3 times a week and want to cut. rookie in the area of exp.
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DiBBS on the flame!!!
Test is best for a first unexperienced user isnt going to be able to milk the benefits of Winstrol (winny). Diet and training are key
im at a good size, i just want to cut. ive been told that winnie is the best cutter and it would be ok as a first timer.
also the guy who has it says its overseas stuff that comes in 2 big bottles and id need to measure what im taking i dont trust this guy because his info seems off. should i?
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winny is a good cutter id rather use fina I have never done a Winstrol (winny) cycle because of the crystals which means you have to use a 23 guage needle which really hurts i usually use a 27 or 30 for fina and ive gotten great results
sorry about prices, didnt know. i dont mind pain because it goes away in time. how many ml do i need for 6-8 weeks. i never heard of fina. thanks for the heads up, ill check it out
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Ok so now we r telling him to take tren for his first cycle.......God I love some people!

Sometimes if you dont know what you are talking about "no advice is good advice"
I use Winstrol (winny) on it's own.Ilium stanozolol, for animals.

Anyway, it doesn't really cut but hardens slightly when u first use it but resistance is built up later and u lose the amazing hardness and minimal growth after about 2 weeks.

that's in my experience. Anyway i use a 25 g needle and the thing goes thru smoothly. Depends on brand but ilium is gd stuff.

All in all, Winstrol (winny) isn't as gd as a cutter as many claim it to be. I use it because it's cheap and doesn't give me bitch tits and water retention.The strength gain is moderate and quite satisfactory. If u have the money invest in other stuff like a Winstrol (winny) and test p cycle, or anavar test cycle.That's my opinion because u might be sorely disappointed abt the effects of Winstrol (winny) after using it on it's own.
ive heard that winnie alone might not give me the effects i want, should i stack on first my time? winnie/test or winnie/ tren
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kane you are not ready for gear bro... start working out 5 days a week... increase your ardio and tighten up your diet...
you should not sack at al bro... if you were goig ti cycle at all you should be takin 300-500mg of testosterone for 10-12 weeks
crushershockey said:
if you were goig ti cycle at all you should be takin 300-500mg of testosterone for 10-12 weeks


And you can cut on any steroid, that depends on your diet and cardio. For the most part steroids will only allow you to maintain muscle mass when cutting.

what's your BF% btw?

Winny first cycle = shit imo.
dont know my bf%, but its im a big guy, no definition, just big

I'd just say spend a lot of time here reading up on things before you jump into cycling.

Read all the articles at the top.