200mg of QV-EQ/5 days be an ok bridge to continue to cut w/out sacrice muscle/size?


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200mg of QV-EQ/5 days be an ok bridge to continue to cut w/out sacrice muscle/size?

After a cycle of....

Sust.(1 cc every 3 days for 4 weeks[i know a waste and hardly nothing, but circumstances f*cked me up])

EQ(400mg/every 5 days/12 weeks)

Zambon Winny(50mg/ED/6weeks)

Would QV EQ be ok at 200mg every 5 days to help while continueing to diet and keeping the hard look??

I am not looking for don't do it, why do it, or things of that nature, i am just looking for a solid yes or no answer...

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This is not a yes or no answer, but you will not be able to recover your natural test if you do that. So it your call.

why not just come off for 4 weeks and get your natty test back up then hit up a rel cut cycle, youll get much better results. running 200 mg eq e5d will just keep you supressed and will do little but maintain size.

Here are bridges i would recomendm in the order of most preferable
Am Dbol

Preferably just the first two though
Actually this is a fuzzy area. A bridge in my opinion is when you stay on low doses as to not stress the body that much and to actually keep the gains made off a cycle. The most commonly used real bridge is when a competitor goes from a bulker to a cutter. The most common approach amongst pro's and top level amateurs that I know personally is to bridge at a low dose of test after a bulker and then go straight into a cutter after about 8-12 weeks of the bridge. A bridge is not meant to get your natural test levels back because IMO you cant get natural test levels back when on anything. Some things will shut you down harder but they all pretty much shut you down. The dbol bridge? B.S. IMO.

You just have to think about it from the serious competitive side of things. Why the hell would you put yourself through all that shit when bulking up only to come off and lose some of the muscle that you just built? The purpose of bulking is to put on as much muscle as possible and to keep it until your cutting cycle. Hence the low dose Test for 8-12 weeks after a bulker. This usually allows the body to clean itself up from the dbol or drol usage while bulking as well as the sometimes ridiculously high test or deca or whatever amounts while also keeping gains made. Then they go right into their cutter.

This bridge that is talked about on the boards where you take a bite of a dbol tab 5 minutes before you have awoken from REM sleep by an owl perched on your backyard fence or whatever the hell the theory is gets laughed at by pro's when it is brought up to them. Sure, Pro's arent the smartest guys in the world but most of them hire gurus so where do you think they get their info from? All I know is they are the ones with the bodies that most of us aspire to have, so maybe listening to them in some areas would be beneficial. At least thats what I do because I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity. Intelligent usage is the key here. Using the same dosages as a Pro is not advised unless of course that is your goal but using some of the techniques they use is definitely not a bad thing.

Anyways, to answer the original question, I think EQ would be a great drug to bridge at. 200 mg every 5 days is a pretty good bridge dose. Of course my first choice would be to use Test (Cyp or Enan) instead of EQ but I have known of guys that used EQ for their bridge and did end up keeping 90% if not all their gains made off of a cycle.

And BTW, this is not suggested for your average recreational bb'er who never plans on doing a show in his/her life. Its more for the serious bb'ers who are always looking to keep gaining instead of gaining then losing, gaining then losing, etc....
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THANK YOU!! That is exactly how i was looking at it, i mean not that everyone else was giving me answer i didn't want to hear, i just think if you are going to do this with any AS EQ would be a good opinion becuase it allows you to keep hunger up, keeps you vascular, and is by far in my opinion one of the safer ASs, thanks again.