250mg or 400mg of test enath.????????


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would it be ok to take 250mg of test enath. for my first cycle rather than the recommened 400mg that im getting told by everyone, i was planning on just 250mg of eq and 250mg of test
Yeah....you could.....but 250 of EQ is too low, I would do a minimium of 300-400 EQ.

But for a first cycle, I would still recommend only one compound !!
so 250mg for a first cycle will be ok for 10 weeks?

Yes....although a little on the light side. I assume that the Test you're going to do is 250 mg/ml......., so why not do one amp every 5 days, that will give you a weekly dose of 350 mg.

I think you would be much happier with the results from that, as compared to only 250 mg/week.
what can i do if i feel a lil too much water retention going on during the cycle?

You could get some L-dex.....but at either 250 or 350 mg/wk, I doubt you would need it.

Just make sure you have Nolvadex on hand and Clomid for post-cycle.
I disagree...250 mgs will barely get you into supraphysiological ranges...what would be the point? shutting down your endo. system is a big deal...I would get more gains out of it than that. The sides arent that much great with 400mgs either...go with 400-500mgs of test (yes, I did say 500mgs) but use it solo (no eq, no dbol, etc)...good luck