Anyone else think British Dragon's orals are bad compared to their injectables?


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I have used British Dragon for a year or so and have had real good results with their injectable products but I am disapointed with the quality of their orals. I tried a couple expiramental cycles with orals only and they didn't seem to do shit. I took their Anadrol-50 and didn't really gain anything but maybe 1 or 2lbs so I know it was garbage. The guy I get my gear from is reliable and I have never got any bunk juice accept BD orals. Has anyone else tried their orals and felt the same way I do. It would be odd if all the other gear I got from him was right on and he gets counterfit orals but I guess it's possible.
I'm not impressed with their injectables. Not to interested in finding out about heir orals. I would order their stuff again but only if nothing else was available.
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I know I used their anadrols a few times and always gained a ton of weight and strength from them
If you have real BD product, it's at the top of the charts. I've used their anavar and loved it, my buddy only uses BD orals and he's been around the shit for many years now. BD is one of the only orals that people fake, so perhaps you got bunk shit. You can go on BD's website and it gives a list of their suppliers, if you're source isn't on there there's a real good chance it's fake.