aspirated tonight


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well i dont ever do it. but something did not feel right when i went into my delt. so i aspirated. i was in a vein. you only have to pull the plunger on your pin very lightly if you are in a vein blood goes in the syringe very easily. i pulled it out changed heads and put it in a different spot. all good

i could tell i was in a vein. just by the feeling

so i guess the moral here is better be safe than sorry .
Good call.

Actually the only time I ever drew blood when aspirating was suprisingly a glute shot. I was using Fina and had to do a low glute shot because there was a huge knot in my sweet spot from shooting it a couple days earlier and I didnt want to go through the knot because if anyone has done it, it hurts like a bitch. Well, it felt weird as hell when it was in, then when I aspirated, about a quarter ml of blood shot in there really quick.

I dont know necessarily if it could have done major damage but its not worth the risk. Plus, im not a fan of wasting gear.
i can feel when i go through them instantly, then once i pull out i get a squirt of blood. i have never not aspirated.
I've got blood only twice when aspirating in my thigh, but I did not notice any different feel at all, I never would have known I was in a vein unless I aspirated.
See, I told you so!! :)
2 seconds could save your ass or your life! (see StoneCold's thread on aspirating)
i never used to aspirate, but when i started tren.... injecting everyday i started. Good thing i did gotten blood like 3 times
scary shit alll those other times and no blood !!