box squats, running shoes.


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I noticed i like to squat in running shoes because the lean forward makes my bad back feel better. i noticed its easier for me to not round my back if i stop right before parallel. My question is what are box squats how can they benefit me. I think its when u putt a bench under your self but never seen any pictures or vids. im about 5'7 or 5'8 and i only squat like 185 for reps because i seems to loose my form or feel it more in my hips when i go higher. i need practice. thanks
most benches are a bit too high for box squats bro, but if you don't have anything in your gym, that would do.

box squats are great assistance for squat, to help with sitting back, form, and working your lock outs and explosiveness. I could suggest light pause squats workout.

too loose on the squats???? work on your abs, back, hips, hammies, calves. here's pullinbig squatting.
i got to new york sports club so they gotta have something ment for it there.

its like if i dont go that low i feel like i didnt get enough out of it, but a touch too low and i feel like i have to round my back to get back up if u know what i mean. i gotta just practice i guess. my legs are weak compared to my upper body thou.
does any one have a video of a box squat?

what is it? is it just a box that u let your ass hit so u know how far to go?

it seems if i go any higher than 225 on squats i feel it right in the jount around my hip, like the sides of me pelvis.
if you have lower back problems i would stay away from box squats. stick with regular squatting but with light weight and maybe ditch the joggers and lift in flats. you may have tight calves, thus preventing the d/flexion req in flat foot squatting.

if you are loosing form then i would suddest really working on your lower back + ab
(core) strength which is essential for heavy will probably find that this helps relieve your back pain too