butt shot


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In the photo at http://www.spotinjections.com/index2.htm it shows one how to insert the needle into the glute. I have not done this yet and have put it off a week to make sure I know what I'm doing. The picture shows penetration happening at what looks like a 90 degree angle. My friend told me you should aim downward... 45 degree angle. any comments on the entry angle?
I do 90 but I don't like giving myself glute shots, it's kinda' hard to aspirate and not move the pin around. If you are doing long acting stuff that doesn't require ED or EOD shots I'd use ur legs.

up to u, just my 2c...
AustinTX said:
straight in. 90 deg.

a 45 deg. angle won't penetrate the muscle as deeply....

Agreed, 90 degrees in; the gluteal mass is more than deep enough for that approach.
but I'm a skinny guy... 6'2'' 180lbs
I have both 1 inch and 1 and a half inch needles. For a small assed guy, which would you recommend?
one inch is good inch and a half is better. you don't have to stick the 1 and 1/2 in all the way but I find soreness reduced a lot when I use the bigger needle