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First time injection here. I have some 1" needles and very very low body fat. I know most of you guys go for the 1 1/2 incher, but is the 1 inch for the butt unheard of? I think I can make it into the muscle, but am nervous because I heard bad things can happen if it is not deep enough. Also, I read about asperation... this basically is done to see if you hit a vessel? You just draw back a bit? Is a good outcome when there is no blood? Thanks all for the help.
I use a 1" for glutes. I like to use just one type of pin for convienince. I don't have a whole lot of fat so I get deep enough into the muscle. If in doubt use the 1 1/2" to make sure you get deep enough.
I use 1' for the glutes also! I've got a pretty "average bulid" here @210lbs and 9-10% b.fat and 1" works FINE for me.

Unless you have a chubby-ass, you should be OK. Although SC is CORRECT, the deeper into the muscle you can go....the better.
I dislike glute injections the most because it's very hard for me to reach around and see what I'm doing. I usually find the injection location and with one hand push the pin in and just push up on the plunger with my thumb untill I see the air bubble. At that point I just inject with out looking . I don't have to much problems with the needle moving around. After you do it a couple times you shouldn't have any problems.
how do you keep the needle still when aspirating or does it matter if it moves a little.

Put it this way........you have to keep the pin in at the same depth, when both aspirating and injecting.
I don't really understand why it's not as important to aspirate with water based fluids, like Winny?!!
Venom said:
I don't really understand why it's not as important to aspirate with water based fluids, like Winny?!!

I think it is just as important to asperate with water v. oil. It dosn't take much to pull back on that plunger a little......Better safe than sorry.
Hey Bro, when you say buttocks you don't mean your cheeks right. Incase you do mean cheeks. A glute shot is more of a hip shot. Here's how I do it, put your hands on your waist, where your thumb is go 1-1 1/2" below that, that's the spot. Atlest that's where I tell my wife to put it, since she does all my glute shots.

OK, so you stick it in all the way, then you pull back a little bit and it is good if the is not blood, right? So, if there IS blood, you just withdraw the needle I assume. Also, how fast do you stick it in? Do you just jab it in like in a stabbing motion? MrStonecold's link had a picture of a guy holding it like a dart. Do you press it in slowly like you are holding a pencil and pressing, or do you shoot it in like a firm fast sab?
Any of the those ways would work. I do quad shot like this. I put the needle on the skin, then began to tap on grip part of the dart. Thier are some Bro that might have other ways also.

I put it in relatively slow just to be cautious. You don't want the pin to break off inside you(God forbid). Once it's in I push the fluid in very slowly so it absorbs into the muscle and doesn't leak into the skin. If I push too fast I get some swelling and bruising underneath the skin. Also, when you aspirate, pull back real slow and only enough until you see a bubble. A bubble with no blood is what your looking for.

There's really nothing to it. Just be clean and careful and you shouldn't have a problem. After it's finished you will be amazed how easy it is. ;)
PowerMove. Have you thought about doing an outer thigh hit instead?
Just an option with the one inch darts.
compman said:
I put it in relatively slow just to be cautious. You don't want the pin to break off inside you(God forbid).

LOL !!

I have no idea where that story started, but it's pretty far from the truth. Try sometime to bend the needle back and forth to break it off of the syringe and you'll see what I mean. Yes it would be a bitch if it ever broke off flush to your skin, but it will NEVER happen !!
I am about to go for the FIRST buttock injection. My hands are a little shakey as i am typing because I will be doing it solo. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... lol =)
OK... thanks for all the advice guys. I feel prepared intelectually, but I'm nervous as shit. It just seems so unatural for a person to stick a needle deep into one's own muscle, but i ain't the first or the last, right. here goes nuthin....