Can I Use Sustanon Instead Of Test Enth 1st Cycle?


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Hey bros

This is my first cycle I'm having real trouble getting some test enanthate, can I substitute it with Sustanon?

I would run it like this:

400mg Sustanon
300mg Deca

Thanks fellas, Jock
Ok thanks mate

I can get either sustanon, or testex (test cyp) which would be the best to stack with Deca for a first cycle?

Thanks, Jock
JohnnyB said:
It's your first save the deca for your nexts one Bro


Ditto that......a "great" first cycle, would be Sust or Cyp @ 400-500 mg/week for 8-10 weeks.

Learn how you body reacts to Test before stacking other compounds with it. There will be plenty more cycles down the road to stack different compounds.