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Im taking spiropents tabs by europharm and im up to 120mcg a day and I dont feel a thing. No sides, nothing. I feel like its a waste to even be taking it. There not fake, ive compared pics and I got them form a trusted supplier. WTF?
i read that your first 2 weeks there is a chance you will not feel nothing but come the second two week cycle you will start to feel the effex
That's pretty weird. I get shaky, hot, and kinda amped on clen. If I felt nothing, I'd be pretty confident it was fake.
i just took 125 mcg's the other day of liquid and was shaking pretty bad. that was my first time taking it. ive done 125 mcg's for 3 days now. still shaking everyday but its bearable. i also get hot and sweat a lot too with it.
120mcg's a day of clen and you will spill your food off your fork form the shakes if not i would say it is not clen
I just stopped liquid clen was on it for 5 days @ 60 mcs a day and got terrible muscle cramps..even though I was taking taurine xtra potassium and plenty of vitamins...I stopped because I strained my quad on heavy leg presses when I felt it cramp!
No blood or bruising and after 4 days of icing the soreness is gone but no more clen for me.
I started at 20mcg and am working my way up. 20 I felt nothing, 40 I think I feel a little bit. I think tomorrow's 60mcg will be the kicker.