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I was just wondering if any of the members here play or have played college football divisions 1, 1AA, 2, 3? My next question is to the guys that played division 3 ball, I have deca just staring at me i have it sitting in my drawer but i dont want to take because it stays in ur system for 18 months wht do u guys think i should do because i play d3 ball but we do not get tested till playoffs and i have been to the playoffs now for the past 3 yrs and i have never heard of any one getting tested but i know thats the time they can test d3 football players....I was just wondering if there was any way for it get out of my system by november or what.... God they look so tasty i just want start stabbing right into them....
I play D2 I don't use, but its a risky venture the NCAA doesn't fuck around, its lights out if you get caught... By the way I have a buddy who plays D3 for Trinity.... Like they said something a with a shorter life like test prop....Do a search there are detection times laying around here somewhere
I played and actually got tested and passed. Guys almost shit their pants each and every year the suits show up with clipboards. Stay away from Deca- its around for like a year. Dbol, V, basically any oral will clear in 2-3 wks. Shitty huh, drug testing forces these athletes to use the more toxic shorter lived drugs instead of the safer Deca. Injectable drugs other than test are risky. Read the press- every body gets busted for nandrolone (deca) or EQ or something. Test is different because everybody has test in them, so they go by a ratio of test:epitest in your body. More than 6:1 constitutes suspicion of extraneous testoserone. I'm not sure but I believe you need to be 12-20:1 to fail. Ive heard test can be close to normal like 3-4 wks after.

You should research hard before sticking or popping.