deca...good or not?


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i hear alot of mixed comments about deca durabolin...some like it alot dont...ive read in several places that it is one of the safest choices of gear available beside maybe primo...which is hard to find... and ive heard you can keep alot of gains from it too compared to other steroids,,,i can get some of this locally and want to know if its a good beginner cycle if taken in low dosages ie..250-350 mg per week....i also have a little stash of russian dbols to throw in ther efor the first few weeks..thanks for the help
Deca in many cases is very safe. In other aspects it is the devil! It take some people months and months to fully recover their HPTA(natural test production) after taking even small doses of deca. This happens even after clomid is taken.

Deca will yeild solid gains, but EQ will generate very similar results, but it is not nearly as suppressive.

All cycles come down to diet, training, genetics, and rest. Gear is a small tool!
i dont get it..if it does all that y do you take you think i will really have this prob taking only 250-300 mg's p week? i was under the impression that its one of the milder steroids and that its easier to keep your gains post not interested in gaining massive size...maybe just 10-15 lbs..but i wanna keep most of it...i can also get some testoviron depot also..bu t i heard they have high side effects....i read this on
so is it a good choice or no? thats the question... like i said i am a first time user lookin for minimal side effects and looking to keep most gains..i know it will take hard work. at 250-300 mg per week (plus 10 mgs pd dbol for 4 weeks) do you really think ill get gyno and deca dick ....would it be a good idea maybe to throw in sum test at the end of my cycle to get my hpta runnnin? im a beginner help me out..all i know is whatr i read on these forums.. i dont trust the juice heads in town bc they know nothin.
ok now im reading anout that deca has harsh side effects on this board....on steroid info sites it is said to be one of the milder choice in gear and one of the better ones to keep gains..what is the it likely to get deca dick from such a small amount such as 250 mg per week..if o what would be a similair choice...sus? rememebr i want to keep rather gain a little and keep it than gain alot and lose it
I ran deca at 200mg/week and had no problems with deca dick and gained 10lbs and kept it after 6 week cycle I like it. But I wouldn't run anymore than that for myself. Yes I would throw some test in there run it 2 weeks longer after your last deca shot.
most of the info on those steroid information sites are way outdated. Do they even mention any thing at all about prog sides? Not everyone will get them but some will and you def need to be aware of that. Not everyone gets shut down so hard by it either but some do. The only way you can tell if you will like it is to run it and see. But make sure you do your research and now what your getting into.
thanks guys, thats exactly what im tryin to do is learn b4 i take anything...the reason i was conisdering deca was bc i want to try a mild steroid and see how it affects me b4 i go and take a harsher choice of gear...i heard eq is good but i dont think i can get that locally..i know i can get deca and testoviron depot..(isnt that enathate and proprnate or somehting)..ive heard its hard to keeps gains from enathate..
Any test is good some just take longer to kick in than others prop is a faster acting ester and enanthate is a longer acting ester. the testovirons would be fine to use for a first cycle. 250-500mg/week
thanks man i appreciate the advice..i think ill get the test pretty sure it has a fast acting and a long lastiing component to it...and you do think i should use those dbols for the fist 4 weeks right?
deca takes about 3wks or 4. same as the enanthate. the dbol will take about a week till you feel it. well that is for me.

keep searching dont start till you know everything you can about this cycle, your always learning here about new stuff.

and what are you stats? age? weight? and bf%