Do low test levels hinder injury healing?


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I'm curios about something. Would having low test levels hinder your body's ability to heal from an injury? Such as a cut, or a broken bone or torn ligament? I wouldnt think so, since people do deca alone and fina alone cycles and make gains, and making gains requires healing of the muscle tears, correct? Any opinions?
it sounds to me like U answered you're own question.
I had a hernia operation and after 2 weeks out from the operation i started using gear: test,eq,d-ball tren,gh.
The scar healed faster i wasn't supposed to go to the gym for 6 weeks i started 2 weeks after operation i when't light though for 4 weeks then it made a total of 6 weeks from lifting any real weight.
I started up with heavy weight after the 6 weeks off and never looked back since.
The scar from the operation is almost gone i mean it's fading away i bevieve it's all the juice and gh....