Does Sus always cause pain?

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I am trying a new UGL and shot 300mg of sus and 200mg of deca on Sunday into quad. No pain what so ever, no flu like symptoms, ect. Never used Sus before, does the lack of pain in inj. site, ect mean fake?
I use Sustanon (sust) all the time and I do not always get pain from it. If I do not rub the injection site, it may be slightly bothersome, but if I rub it from time to time I do not have any pain. I would not say it is fake cause you are not feeling any pain though.
cool, I'll just monitor gains and see that way. Just my first time using an UGL and kinda trippin...I already think my nips are itchty and have only done one shot. Head case.
As for the pain...sometimes it can be extreme for me other times none at all. I think it has something to do with my scar tissue.
I am very sensitive to Sustanon (sust) and only a shot or two along with a small stack (Deca, or D-Bol, etc) and my nips start to itch as well. Good luck with that cycle bro.
Fuck DirtyD, now you have me freaked I'm offically freaked. i think I'll hit the Nolva and provi now...
I always get pain from the 3 cycles ive done I will never ever do sus agai I get the flu and cant walk for a few days I switches to andropen 275 and im lovin it the sus i was doing was organon ppakistan
Old Balls said:
Fuck DirtyD, now you have me freaked I'm offically freaked. i think I'll hit the Nolva and provi now...

Sorry bro I am not trying to freak you out or anything. I am just VERY sensitive to roids in general. I have to use Nolva either the end of the second week or start of the third on any cycle I do including Test, although you may not have to. As long as you got the Nolva on hand don't worry.

By the way if you are going to use Proviron with the Test, your sex drive is probably going to shoot through the roof. It is awesome though, LOL. I love Proviron.
I contacted my source..he shot me the lab reports, has a great rep and I trust him at this point. He has stated his lab has the science down where shots are painless ect. he also said I wouldn't see the Sus kick in for 6 weeks??? hmmm.. I guess we'll find out in a week or two if/when I start showing gains. I added 100mg of test prop to my sus/deca shot last night and no pain there either.
All good, thanks for the responses.
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Thoms said:
I never get any pain on any sust.

Cosigns. Omnadren or any other test blend from reputable companies. or tren for that matter... none of them cause any pain in my quads, no soreness day after either... only pain I got (and HORRIBLE pain) was from Winstrol milk inj..... man.... that shit was pain.....real pain. anything I inject nowadays dont even come close to what inj winstrol did to me...
I get good results fairly quickly from Sustanon (sust). It usually starts to shoot my strength up a little bit within 3 weeks, but the nipple itch comes quicker. But adding Prop will definitely get you off to quicker start on the weight and strength gains. You should be good to go with your cycle there bro.

And to comment on what lionhead had to say about Winstrol (winny), I fully concur. Winstrol (winny) injections fucken suck, I always hurt for some reason. I use 100mg/ml concentration, although I am considering using 50mg/ml concentration cause my bro's say it doesn't hurt.
Dudes..I shot Winstrol (winny) in my quad last cycle and it crippled me...that shit hurst like a mofo. That is what I was expecting from Sus... I hate winny.